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One (very big) Aussie Family in South Africa

Having just returned from our three week visit to South Africa I remain in awe of this country that is so beautiful and diverse and embracing. I feel so blessed to have been able to have had this time there, to explore it anew with the kids and the Architect and to reconnect with my South African family.

Our journey took us from the top of the country at Madikwe Game Reserve to the very bottom, the simply breathtaking Cape Town. It was everything from game parks to cities with a farm holiday in the middle. We even popped over the border to Botswana one afternoon to have a look around the town of Gaborone – home to the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

I created this little map for you to give you an idea of where we went and how South Africa is laid out…

SA Map of Trip 2

As I wade through the many, many photos we took I hope to share some of this journey with you. South Africa is a country you can’t help but fall in love with and I really hope that you will see some of her beauty and perhaps be inspired to visit yourself one day.



Madikwe Game Reserve, African Sunset, The Bush House

Sunset at Madikwe Game Reserve


Elephants and a Rhino

Elephants take a drink as a Rhino saunters by in the background


cape town view, table mountain view, table mountain

The view of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain

camps bay, camps bay sunset

The main drag of Camps Bay, Cape Town at dusk

camps bay sunset, camps bay beach, camps bay

Bliss loved dancing on the beach at sunset, Camps Bay

Taking kids on a trip like this was a bit of a huge task! Our usual MO travel with kids is to pick one, or at most two, places to visit and then set up camp and explore. This trip saw us staying in 4 different places with multiple day trips on top of that. The kids held up incredibly well and soaked up all the amazing things they saw…. I think that’s what I love the most about travel with kids, the way their faces explode at the different experiences they have. Bear was both in awe and fear of the elephants at The Bush House in Madikwe. Look at how bright his eyes are!

Travel with kids, Madikwe Game Reserve, African Safari, South Africa


Do you have an African dream? What is it??

Stay tuned for more African adventures later this week…

Thoughts on “One (very big) Aussie Family in South Africa

    • Do you think of SA as being an unsafe country? I am thinking about writing about this…we felt and I believe, were, very safe the whole time but I think there is still a stigma of it being unsafe for tourists…

      • Hi Lou,
        I thought I would comment on here when I saw it brought up – would be great if you could explore it as part of your SA series (ie safety in SA). I think alongside the gorgeous ideallic pictures i have in my head of south africa and the wonderful people and culture, I also have it in my head that the crime rate is incredibly high and in particular voilence against women is one of the highest in the world? I think this was something I read about 10 years ago and it stuck! So probably completely untrue and out of date. Would be great to get a ‘on the groun’ opinion from someone who has actually been there and loves it. xx

  1. I’m going to say it again… WOW!!! Those photos are amazing.

    Africa is right up towards the top of our travel wish list. We came close to doing it last year but then I fell pregnant and was worried about having the advised vaccinations. Now it’s probably a few years off, as I think we’ll wait until Iris is old enough not to scream randomly at big animals! Although I’m intrigued about your experience of doing it with the littlies! Am also really interested in the safety aspect – as you mentioned in the comments there is still a stigma about Africa’s safety.

    Have just loved living South Africa via you , so thanks for sharing!
    Megan Blandford recently posted..Feeling againMy Profile

    • Oh Megan, it was amazing! Totally hear you on waiting til Iris is a bit older though. We had a great time but it’s not a trip we would ordinarily have done with such little children simply because the pressure on them, their days and their sleep patters was a lot for them and led to a LOT of whinging from Bear. It’s wondering that Bliss was old enough to really get into it and to hopefully remember some of it in the future and I am excited about going back when Bluey is around 5 and doing it all again! x

  2. This sounds amazing, Lou! I can’t wait to see more pics as you find them. I’m really pleased you’ve shared such a positive experience of 1. Travelling with kids and 2. South Africa. It’s really inspiring to see that travelling with kids can be great fun. Although, I wonder do you get anxiety at all? I think I’d get anxious with the kids in a new place. Maybe not though, if I’m relaxed and in holiday mode. As for South Africa – I’ve had a tainted view for some time that it is a violent and unsafe place. My Dad’s ex was from Johannesburg and shared some frankly terrifying stories with me. I’d love to read your take on this perhaps in some posts to come. Welcome home! Fi xxx
    Fi @ My Mummy Daze recently posted..How to add new life to your lounge room with Target + WINMy Profile

    • Hi Fi, it was fabulous and travelling with kids is really not as bad as it may seem – it’s all in your mindset I reckon. We haven’t really felt much anxiety about it, partly because we are both quite comfortable with traveling and planes etc… so we don’t feel anxious ourselves, but also because we try to think in advance about what it will be like, how it will work and get our expectations right. Combine that with being a LOT more relaxed about things like bribing our kids(!!!) and it’s not just manageable but a lot of fun! I am definitely going to get a post up about the safety aspect so stay tuned :) xx

  3. South Africa will be a once in a lifetime experience for us. It’s the one ‘must do’ we have on our travel with kids list. We do want to wait until they’re a bit older though so that they both remember it, because I’m not sure we could afford to take them twice!

    I’m not overly bothered about the safety aspect of visiting South Africa. I’ve been to some dodgy places in the world. I think I’d be more worried about lions than anyone else ;)

    Your photos are beautiful.
    Laney | Crash Test Mummy recently posted..A mum’s guide to survival modeMy Profile

    • Thanks love, we had an AMAZING time and having visited SA many times I think you are right not to be worried about it from a safety perspective. I also think waiting til your kids are older is a good plan – we went for family reasons and it was amazing but if I was only going to once I would want it to be when the kids could all really enjoy and remember it. Even seeing how much Bliss has absorbed has been wonderful and I really hope we are able to do it again when the boys are older. xx

  4. I do have an African dream! One day, I’d love to take my son to Zimbabwe, the birth place of his father. Other than that, I feel a pulling towards the north – like Morocca and Egypt. My partner has been to Tunisia and said it was so different from any place he’s ever been. I’m so jealous that he’s been to Africa and I haven’t!
    Lizzy Allan recently posted..Why Italian?My Profile

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