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24hours in South Africa

When visiting a South African game reserve as part of our trip was first mentioned I confess I wasn't too fazed. I had it in my head that you could go to a game reserve and not see anything other than a range of buck. This may still be true but I am absolutely reeling from the things we have seen here at Madikwe Game Reserve in only 24 hours.

Upon our arrival yesterday afternoon a herd of elephants came right up to the waterhole for a drink. We stood literally 1 meter from them as they frollicked, drank and as one calf fed from her mother – it was incredible!! They have been regularly visiting the waterhole since then and we continue to be awed by them!

This morning we took the kids on a drive and came across a pride of lions including a number of cubs feeding on a Zebra they had caught. We sat only a few meters from these animals as they ate, play fought and the matriarch (referred to by the guides as a “cranky old lady”) growled at us. It was full on!! Bear gave us all a heart attack by calling out “Hi!” in a delightful sing song voice as we drove up – he was quickly made aware that no. talking. was. allowed!!!

We've seen an amazing array of animals (including a variety of buck!) in such a short time I can hardly believe it! Some of the more noteworthy animals have been buffalo, rhino, a brown hyena, giraffes, zebra and mating baboons!!

I'll be sharing some photos today on Facebook and you can also have a look on Instagram via the hashtag #teammaz13 – I hope you are enjoying getting to join in on this trip virtually!

Have you been to a game park? Which animal would you love to see in the wild?


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