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Wriggle, Wriggle, Wriggle! {and your chance to win!)

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You know those moments that stick in your memory as clear as day?! One of my stranger ones is around Bliss and nappies. She used to HATE having her nappy changed and would wriggle and squirm and scream and it was so frustrating and, well, demoralising really. Eventually we figured out how to approach it so that it was less of a nightmare for everyone involved but before we managed it, I have this really clear memory of The Architect changing her on the couch. She was calm, so calm, and I felt really ripped off because while I had to do the lion’s share of nappy changing during the day and deal with the screaming, somehow he managed to do it in this completely serene way.

Somewhere along that way with Little Bear I dedided to give Huggies Nappy Pants a whirl. I can’t remember why, but I’m glad I did because suddenly nappy changing was a whole lot quicker and easier. My only gripe about Nappy-Pants is that you can’t buy them in boxes!

(Note: Nappy Pants are not toilet training nappies – they are fully absorbent just like a normal nappy, however you put them on the child like you do a training pant/undies ie. they step into them)

I still love the Huggies Nappy-Pants and if you think they might be for you, you can ask Huggies to send you a free sample

Huggies have a great competition happening at the moment – they are giving away a  Cubby House to one lucky person. It’s not just any old Cubby House either, its a PlayCubb Koalia Blue Cubby House which will delivered and installed directly into your backyard and is valued at just under $5000! Each week they are also giving away $100 Westfield Gift Card plus the first 500 valid entries will receive a free pack of Huggies Nappy Pants.

To enter you just need to create a short video of your squirmy baby and upload it via the Huggies website. If you’d like to see some of the entries that have already gone up you can find them here.

If you are wondering why I am telling you all about this it’s not just because I use Nappy Pants but because Huggies have invited me, along with Christie from Childhood 101, Kate from Kate Says Stuff, Glow from Where’s My Glow? and Mandy from A Little Space Like Home to judge the competition.

Do you have a wriggly squirmy baby? How do you manage it?




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