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Have you ever been late to a party?

I must admit, I am often late to a party. Most recently I was late to the Offspring party…it totally floated off my radar until mid way through season 2. But once I found it, I quickly fell in love with Nina and her internal monologues, not to mention the rest of the fabulous cast! Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to pretty much up to speed. Phew! What a fabulous show, not to mention incredible wardrobe!!

When we jetted off to New York earlier this year I forgot to set the DVD recorder to tape it while I was away and so missed the exciting second half of the season…for those who have watched it I know you know what I mean (and hey, even I don’t really know what I mean because I haven’t seen it yet!!)

When my lovely friends from Haystac got in touch to ask if I’d like to check out Season 3 and then offer you, my lovely readers, the chance to win the entire season 1-3 set plus soundtrack how could I say no?!?

Today I am beyond thrilled to give you the chance to win your very own Offspring Gift pack. Comp is open until Sept 9!

Just head over to Facebook for your chance to WIN!


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Thoughts on “Have you ever been late to a party?

  1. Yes I have been known to be late, Worst time was when I was held up and missed the announcement of significance for my best mate !

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