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Kids, Money and Christmas

Somehow or other my daughter has grown into a 4.5year old who will be heading off to school in 7 short weeks time.

I am not quite sure how this happened but recently it’s been radically challenging the way I think about parenting her. She’s not a baby anymore!

Like many of you, we have certain family traditions around Christmas time – the day and way we put up our tree, the way we start Christmas day morning, and the way we teach our kids about generosity and giving and of course, the true meaning of Christmas.

A little while ago we gave away some toys that the kids weren’t using to the St Kilda Mums organisation. Bliss was quite willing to do this but I can see that she has felt the elements of sacrifice that are part of such an activity. She’s been talking a bit about giving toys to children who don’t have any but there has also been a sense of worry that we might give away some of the toys she loves and plays with often. So we keep talking and I keep assuring her that I won’t take toys off her to give away but that any time we do this it will be something she and the boys choose. I love her generosity and am glad that she understands that sometimes looking out for others who are less fortunate means making a personal sacrifice.

Recently Bliss has become quite interested in collecting coins for her “pinny bank”. We give her coins and she finds some in our wallets and has stored up a little collection. She doesn’t have any concept of how much money she has in there but she understands that she is saving…or perhaps collecting!

Just the other day as she was asking The Architect how much money was in her Pinny Bank she piped up that perhaps we could give some of her money away to people who don’t have any.

When it comes to Christmas, something she and I have done together over the years is go along to the shops to buy a present to put under the Kmart wishing tree. When I mentioned that we would go and do this over the weekend she asked if we could use some of her money from the pinny bank to buy the present. It’s so heartening to see her generosity and willingness to help others at such a young age.


I’m reminded of how much kids learn by example and are able to personally participate in these activities at a much younger age than we might have thought.

How do you feel about these issues of giving, sacrifice and getting kids involved in charitable activities? Do you involve your kids in these things and how?

One thought on “Kids, Money and Christmas

  1. What a beautiful post! It’s so lovely when they start to ‘get’ the idea of being generous…although my son is similiar and was getting into the spirit a little too much…okay..mum, where’s your ipad? I think we should give that to someone in need….

    I think in our culture we have to be deliberate about teaching our kids about charitable giving. They are being raised in a popular culture that teaches them to think of themselves first and basically grooms them to be selfish which turns them in to much better consumers for industry. Sadly, this means that children have less empathy and compassion than in previous generations and it is really is left up to us as parents to try and make sure we teach our kids these values. I also think the best teacher is our example too…I hope my kids see the way I show generosity and grow up thinking that’s just a normal way to live. I can also do better though.
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