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Getting close to getting some answers

I poured my heart out here last week; we really were feeling at our wits end and I just needed to get it out. Sometimes I forget that people actually read this blog – I just need to write and process but then you remind me by writing back to me back.

My heart has been so full from the love and kindness you beautiful people have shown me this past week.

Thank you. Really.

A week later and slightly more sleep under our belts we are closer to some answers.

Maybe this little man will do better without his tonsils and adenoids…more appointments this week to discuss this as an option. I don’t think I’d realised until we started finding out more about this just how often little Bear is sick and with really nasty viruses. It seems like this opp could help us with all of the challenges he has been facing this year.

I’ve been told that it’s a big operation but that they recommend taking tonsils out for two reasons – the first is recurrent tonsillitis and the other is major sleep disturbances. Apparently having a toddler awake for 3-4hours a night every night and sometimes waking up with a chef knife in bed with you (courtesy of toddler) while other times with aforementioned toddler peeling a mandarin on your head counts as a “major sleep disturbance”. Who would have guessed?!

And so we march onward and I thank you for marching along with us and for sharing your stories of sisterhood and encouragement. They are most deeply appreciated. x

Here’s to my beautiful, fun boy and a lifetime of better sleep!

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Thoughts on “Getting close to getting some answers

  1. So glad for you that you are getting more sleep and answers to Bear’s sleep challenge. Sleep deprivation is such torture, I feel your pain we are going through the not sleeping through too!!
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