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Being A Mum

As ready as I’ll ever be.

Tomorrow is the day.

She knows it and seems both excited and nervous at once. The idea of going “every day” has started to creep in and I’m not sure it’s an entirely welcome idea for her yet. That’s OK though because it’s not an entirely welcome idea in my heart yet either…

But we are “ready”.

We’ve got the shoes, and the clothes sorted.

I’ve written her a letter and I’ve recorded her talking about what she thinks about going to school.

The camera is charged.

We had a morning tea at the school today and we already have a play-date planned for later in the week.

My head is ready…and my heart is getting there.


The time is here though.

The time is now.

and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be…I think she is too.


Thoughts on “As ready as I’ll ever be.

  1. Have a brilliant day and remember it well. So many of their days run into each other but some will always stand out. May this be the start of a great love affair for her with formal learning.

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