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Is A Break Simply Well Deserved?

I was emailing a friend today and started to say “Enjoy your break, you deserve it” when I stopped myself. Does she deserve a break? Yes, of course – but probably no more than anyone else, by which I mean – most of us work hard, parent thoughtfully and could all do with a bit of down time. Does that mean we take it when we can?


What struck me about this particular friend is that she’s wise. Having a break with her family isn’t something she’s doing because she feels she deserves it, it’s something she’s doing because in her wisdom she realises it’s a good way to start the year; to rest and reflect but also to look forward but mostly to build into the relationships that matter most in her life – her husband and children.

None of this she told me of course, it’s inferred by the way I see her live and watch the choices she makes for herself and her family.

Today I’m thankful for this lovely wise friend for reminding me that taking a break isn’t something we ought to do because we deserve it nor is it some great indulgence. Taking a break is something we out to take seriously, because when we rest we reap huge rewards without ourselves and in our families and thus beyond those places – into our communities, work and friendships.

So, are you taking the time to rest this January? If you feel overwhelmed even by the thought of it (as I did when The Architect was planning this current holiday) then what one thing would need to happen or change in order for you to find the space to rest. Start with that question and see where you go…

With love and wishes for good rest.

Thoughts on “Is A Break Simply Well Deserved?

  1. I’m enjoying the down time with the kids. No rushing to school, no school lunches, no after-school activities. Somedays we can just chill in our PJs, others we can through rocks in water at the local swimming hole. You’re right, resting is not an indulgence, it is a necessity. I hope you are enjoying your rest.
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