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My beautiful 4 year old is developing a very distinct sense of style and it’s really so much fun for me to see that I have decided to share it with you here too in a new (likely to be irregular) series called “What She Wore“.

Sandals over socks are all the rage for Bliss…mismatching socks no less! And a swan dress is surely part of every rockstar girls essential wardrobe isn’t it? But of course, let’s be sensible – it’s was still Melbourne winter here when this pic was taken, so any swan dresses must be worn over our princess horse t-shirt and red jeans…to match the sandals. Of course.

 Some of my other recent fave outfits include…

Do your kids have classic senses of style?

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Thoughts on “What She Wore

  1. It must be a four year old girl thing! My four year old girl loves layering all kinds of interesting combinations. I love it. Such a beautiful age (and on the not so good days, a challenging age).

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