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The Secret To Being and Feeling Fashionable Revealed…

Last week I started writing a post about wanting a make over. I was feeling in a rut about my “look” and wondered what do to…

Then I realised something, the secret to fashion is confidence. Change it up, embrace wearing the things you want to wear and be confident. So I did, and it was great!

Simple, right?

I’ve had the same hair for years…and years…and years…so I set myself a little challenge: to wear my hair in pigtails everyday for a week. The first day it felt really strange, but after a few days it felt good, fun, normal!

It’s also helped me make a big hair decision…I’m excited.

Oh, and I’m also embracing pink lipstick.

Louisa Claire, pink lips


What makes you feel fashionable? What would make you feel more confident about how you look?

Thoughts on “The Secret To Being and Feeling Fashionable Revealed…

    • Oh yes! Having so much colour around at the moment makes it easier to try something out without feeling like you are sticking out like a sore thumb. A nice scarf or pair of shoes to add a bit of colour – then you can see how you like it. I can see you wearing a nice pink or blue something xx

  1. Gorgeous Louisa!!

    I had a similar thought the other day at the beach. Being female, I am always checking out the other females. And I realised that the ones I thought were the most ‘beautiful’ weren’t the skinniest or most ‘gorgeous’ – they were the ones who carried themselves with confidence.

    Ergo – it is confidence that is beautiful, not anything else!
    Kelly Exeter recently posted..Dear meditation, it’s not you, it’s me …My Profile

  2. Confidence is definitely key…something I’m lacking!
    But I love those pigtails – so so cute!
    I reckon I might try lipstick – I don’t wear make up at all – so lipstick may make me feel more feminine!

    • What could you do that would make you feel more confident Bec?
      I am loving the lipstick – my tip is commit to wearing it for a week and mix up the shades you try. If you’ve not been a regular lipstick wearer (like myself) then it takes a bit of getting used to but once you do, you will love it! Well…I do anyway :)

      • I tried the lipstick but it keeps rubbing off! What’s the tip to keep it on?
        I tried pigtails too – I love yours…but I just cant’ get it neat at the back. Looks okay at the front but the back is all messy. I reckon I spent 20 minutes trying to do it this morning (I tried platts too – they were cute – but too messy for my liking).

        • I LOVE that you tried pigtails Bec. Two tips for you – the first, don’t look at the back! I never do :) The way I get around it is to keep it a bit loose at the back so you don’t get a big “line” where the part should be, seems to work and I’m gettng better at getting it straight too. Re the lipstick, a couple of mine wipe off quickly too so I use a lipliner underneath them which helps keep the colour there, the other option is to get a long lasting lipstick – I have a L’Oreal one which is pretty good and have just ordered a Stila Lip Ink (http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/stila/g/crushlipcheekstain/) which stains the lips, keeping the colour on for longer (but not too long!) In store the Stila ones are about $35 but I got one at that link for $20 + free postage which is about what a good lipstick costs. Hope that helps a bit!

  3. I’m feeling rather fashion challenged myself, ever since falling pregnant the first time 4 years ago. I agree eith confidence though a few new looks after years of none, does help. So I’ve coloured and cut my hair much shorter for a change. Look forward to your new idea after pigtails.
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