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Simple Beauty For Summer

I’ve discovered an amazing beauty secret over the past week and had to share. For some of you this will be old news but for others it might revolutionize your summer like it has mine.

Ok, that’s possibly overstating things but nevertheless…

Bright nail polish works on people with short nails!

It’s true!

I have man hands – horrible knuckles, stumpy fingers and a true inability to grow my nails. My husband has better hands than me!!

Last week I took the plunge and this was the result…

nail polish

See?! It actually works!

I’m using Revlon 220 Bubble.

Go on, give it a shot. I dare you!

Have you got a beauty secret to share?

Thoughts on “Simple Beauty For Summer

  1. Thanks to Miss 4 and Miss 2’s absolute love of nail polish after their Grannie introduced them to it, I have recently rediscovered how a lick of polish can make me feel good. My nails are nothing on what they used to be (pregnancy was not kind to them) but polish makes me feel nice. Love that color!

  2. Use tomatoes. cut it into half and apply it all over your face, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse. it’s very good for the skin and it leaves it smooth and soft. it’s cheap and tomatoes are readily available.

  3. Your hand looks nice actually. I am a big fan of pink and I like how the color of the nail polish turned out. It is not too bright yet the color looks healthy. Thank you for the recommendation and hope you can visit me at derivative as well.

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