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My Style: Sussan

It will come as no surprise to any of you on Twitter over the weekend that I’ve chosen Sussan to be the My Style feature this week. Last Friday saw Melbourne hit 29degrees, maybe higher and it was hot. We were heading off for the weekend and I was in pretty desperate need of a couple of light tops so I madly ducked into my local Sussan hoping to find something.

In the back of my mind I can’t help but think that Sussan is for more ‘mature’ women. Now, it could just be that I felt that way in my teens and now that I’m 30 I’ve caught up or it could be that they’ve changed their vibe a bit over time. Either way Sussan is full of vibrant colours, classic style and won’t break the bank (unless you buy everything in the store, of course!)

I picked up these three little numbers…

Sussan, womens fashionteamed with my newest ELK necklace of course :)


Sussan, womens fashion

This little number is short sleeved and
when the gorgeous Melbourne weather turned to
chilly Melbourne weather I just threw on a cardi.
Yesterday I wore it to a meeting with a long sleeve black
top on underneath it which also worked well.


Sussan, womens fashion

Last, but not least I grabbed this gorgeous green top.
Once again, this tops worked well for me yesterday
for a more casual look, teamed with a long sleeve purple
top put on underneath (as seen here).


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sussan. They are bursting with colour, even green jeans! The range of scarves are just sensational too. So this week I say a very big thank you to Sussan for filling out my wardrobe for the start of Summer…now if only the weather would stick around!

How do you feel about Sussan? What one item would you love to add to your wardrobe this Summer?

Thoughts on “My Style: Sussan

  1. Hmmm, Sussan was always on my old persons shop list too, but at 30 maybe I am becoming one of those old people. That middle top especially looks like it would be good for work, I might need to take a field trip one day soon to check it out.
    Elise recently posted..Wealthy? Moi? Nuh-uhMy Profile

    • Thanks Nikki, it’s the only store of it’s kind (Witchery, Country Road etc…) in our local shopping strip and it’s turning into quite a little find for me :)

  2. While I was working I often bought my work pants there – they were one of the few places that fit my shape well (and really my shape isn’t particularly odd or anything), plus their sizing was that I was a size smaller than other places so that made me happy too :)
    Libby recently posted..Wheat, no wheat, wheat, no wheatMy Profile

  3. I might have to take another look…. The past couple of years I have just walked past, I think it was the styles in fashion more than the actual store but everything seemed to be the kind of thing my Grandmother would’ve worn. Emerald green and mauve skirts with big box pleats… does anyone look good in that stuff? So perhaps it is my idea of style that is the problem! LOL
    katepickle recently posted..The Child Perfectionist – A Guest Post from Good Googs.My Profile

  4. I’m just over 30 and I’ve been shopping at Sussan for years, love their pjs especially, also basics like singlets and tops, great cardis, and their linen pants. Used to love them for work wear, now love them running around after the kids in. They often have great sales too :)

  5. I have had a love/hate relationship with Sussan over the last 20 years (crikey am I that old). In my teens and early twenties I loved the cheap basics, then for the next ten years I stuck to their PJ’s and a few sale items – but can I say in the last few months I have rediscovered it and had lots of comments about some of my purchases. I sheepishly admit they came from Sussan, but now I am even more drawn in with all the lovely colours for summer – reminds me even a little of the bright stuff in Zara but slighltly better quality.
    Muddled Up Mumma recently posted..Mumvember 30 Day Fun Mum ChallengeMy Profile

    • I haven’t been very impressed with Zara AU – the Sussan stuff is definitely better for me and being a colour girl, I’m really loving what they have this season!

    • “an explosion of colour” love it – that’s exactly what it’s like! I saw some of the dresses the other day but didn’t have time to try them on – next time :)

  6. They have this beautiful yellow knit & a grey handbag that I have my eye on … But I ended up buying my mum some gorgeous accessories for her birthday last week :) it’s definitely more appealing to me too!
    Tracey recently posted..my happy placeMy Profile

  7. I can say that you had a fantastic job on performing this post. Most of my wardrobe is from there now. Their tops are usually fantastic high quality and match me really nicely too and I also love their scarves. Many thanks!

  8. Hi Louisa,
    from your photos I can say that you like your necklace, love your fashion sense and I like the green top from your photo

  9. Ha ha, I totally have in my head that Sussan is for old people, like old like my Mum….but really, that idea has probably come from a time when Mum was my age!! This post and your pics make me want to pop down and take a look! Thanks for opening my eyes!
    Maybe we are just old now…..ha!
    Tash recently posted..R U OK? and Not-So-Common SenseMy Profile

  10. I used to shop there years ago too. Very affordable for a poor uni student. I didn’t see it as a place for “oldies” like I thought Millers and Katies were. But, I’m not shopping anywhere much recently since being pregnant and having kids. I’ve forgotten how and probably need a huge style makeover! But from your comments, it seems Sussan has something for everyone – younger, mid-range, mature age women, and even men, apparently!
    Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Artistic JourneysMy Profile

  11. I am also a recent convert… and have been so surprised at what I have found in there….picked up a maxi last week and have worn it 3 times already and then also grabbed a light jacket that was on sale. It’s a nude colour so goes with everything and is perfect for summer. And then the beads… too many sets of beads….

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