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My Style: For the Kids – Rock Your Baby Fashion

When it comes to kids fashion I have to admit, I’m a sucker for cute. I’ll happily stock up on the target variety tshirts, but I can’t go past some of the beautiful and funky clothes out there for little people. Finding a label that’s at a good price point can be a bit hard (hot tip: David Jones stocktake sale is the place to buy labels like Bebe, Pure Baby, Wolf etc…) but Rock Your Baby is ticking lots of boxes for me at the moment!

Since putting Bliss in this super cute top

Rock Your Baby, kids fashion, kids style

Pearl Necklace $27


to this gorgeous party dress below $39.95

circus party dress, Rock Your Baby

I’ve decided I’m very partial to this brand! I love that they have such funky clothes at such great prices and that they deliver express post for $10. Last week, with summer seemingly upon us, I popped back online and picked up a couple more items for bliss, while eyeing off a couple of others…

1. Strawberry Fields Playsuit $29.90
2. Ruffle Shorts $29.90
3. Bowtie Pink Tshirt $25
4. Lou Lou $29.90

For the boys I think these are adorable…

rock your baby, boys fashion, clothes for boys

1. Western Short $39.95
2. Chaplin T-shirt $26 $10


There’s also a part of me that’s wants to go matchy-matchy with the kids…

Chuck Shorts with Sash $37
Chuck Shorts $35


As you have probably picked up from all the My Style posts thus far, the price point is a big thing for me. Occasionally there’ll be something worth splurging on but most of the time, I’m looking for quality with a reasonable price tag. Rock Your Baby is rocking my wallet.

Where do you buy kids clothes?
Are there brands that you just adore? Do you Rock Your Baby too?


Thoughts on “My Style: For the Kids – Rock Your Baby Fashion

  1. Moo had a couple of rock your baby hand me down dresses when she was small. Have a serious clothes crush on the dress your girl was wearing to the party! Really think I am going to have to get it for her party. What are the sizes like? M is broad chested (just like her Mum, lucky her!). Do you think they are particularly tight?

    • I went for a size 5 for Bliss and it’s just the right fit and she’s only 3.5. That said I just picked up a couple of the tshirts in size 5 and they are generous on her. My only tip is this dress seems to be selling fast so don’t daddle. It sold out on two websites in her size in 2 or 3 days and I was able to get it direct from the Rock Your Baby site. xx

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