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Help A Mum Out: Costume Wings and other Cool Kid Costumes!

It’s a tough life being a Mum and choosing Christmas presents for an almost 6 year old girl. I am totally kidding of course, it’s the biggest privilege in the world.  I am beyond grateful!

My kiddos are big into dress ups at the moment but most of what we have are el-cheapo jobs that are falling to pieces or too small. Last night I came across a Melbourne business called Sparrow & B and have fallen head over heals for their amazing creations.

I’ve now spent several hours drooling over their site – I do love me a good locally made Chrissy present after all- and it just felt mean of me not to share them with you!! I sent the girls, Sandi and Belinda, a quick email today to get their permission to use their images and asked them a couple of questions…Sandi came back to me because Belinda was off in labour having her second bub (Huge congrats Belinda!!!)

How did Sparrow & B come about? What sparked the dream?  We started the business at the beginning of this year. I was making tutus and Belinda had the idea to join forces & make costumes, everything has moved very quickly since then!

What inspires you? We’re both utterly love with our children who would be own main inspiration! We are both very passionate about taking care of our beautiful planet, this & our distaste for mass produced junk is another big inspiration for us. We hope to bring creativity & fun to kids with unique, Comfortable costumes that will grow with them for many years.

Do you have a favourite costume? My favourite costume… oooh that’s tough! The bear capes are so cuddly & cute, the owls are lots of fun to make, all the wings are bright & fun. Sorry I’ve never been good at picking favourites!

 Butterfly Wings (come in a variety of colours)

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Super cute cat masks
Cat Costume SAB

 This amazing snake cape

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These divine wings which come in a variety of colours/styles

Golden Bird Wings SAB
Rainbow bird wings SAB
Today this Unicorn costume was updated and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!
Is this every girls dream costume or what?!?!
unicorn dress ups, unicorn costume, handmade unicorn costume

 Which costume would your little one love?


Thoughts on “Help A Mum Out: Costume Wings and other Cool Kid Costumes!

  1. My little Bubble would be head over heels with the rainbow wings! She is crazy for anything rainbow…and it might be a nice change from the dinosaur cossie or her brothers’ old spiderman outfit she has been getting around in lately!

    • Aren’t they stunning?!? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pink and gold one – Bliss is going to freak out, I can’t wait!! The rainbow is also so gorgeous! I love that they are feminine and beautiful but not the standard thing. Amazing! Have fun looking around their site and let me know if you pick anything up. x

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