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Summer Lovin’ with Lazybones

Over the past couple of years I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery when it comes to fashion. Turning 30, was also a turning point for me when I finally realised…

My 20s are over, my 30s have just arrived and I’m not going to waste them worrying about what “could” be when what “is” pretty great itself!

My body has changed enormously since having children and I’ve really been learning how to embrace how my body is “now” rather than waiting until some undetermined time when it’s the way I imagine it will be, or might like it to be.

It’s gratifying to see that I have continued on this journey for the past 18 months – my wardrobe continues to be filled with great scarves, funky (and kid friendly) necklaces, comfy, sexy and colourful shoes with a pop of locally designed and made earrings.

The challenge I have about writing these posts is that I am not someone who seeks to find my value in things – and though I love to share my finds with my friends and community, I am cautious about trying to suggest that clothing or style are where you will find your value.

That said, I have long believed that we, primarily women, can be so preoccupied by how we are feeling about the way we look (normally that we don’t look good) that we don’t live as much in the moment and we aren’t as aware of the feelings and circumstances of those around us. We are so busy fidgeting that we don’t see the joy, or pain, in the faces of the people we are with.

What I have found so liberating about the past 18 months is that it’s getting easier and easier to just get dressed and walk out the door. As I have gotten rid of all the clothes I don’t wear, or that don’t fit or that I’ve just moved on from I’ve found my wardrobe is left with clothes that I actually like, that fit and that coordinate with the other things I have. My cupboard is not overflowing, it’s just slowly coming to life.

All this brings me to the latest season of Lazybones clothing! Lazybones is an Australian label I first discovered a couple of years ago and am quite in love with.

I love supporting Australian businesses and labels who really seek to understand women. For me, that is what Lazybones is all about. I love how feminine and beautiful the dresses are – and I love how flattering they are too. The sizing goes up to an 18 which I also think is great and a good reflection that women’s bodies are different but all beautiful.

 Lazybones Summer 2013

Lazybones Summer 2013

The dresses above listed left-right, top-bottom

Allegra Dress in Corfu
Alice Dress in Broadway
Louisa Dress in Newlyn
Allegra Dress in Broadway

And here’s me in a season’s past Maria Dress which I wore on the weekend. I had a special lunch to go to on the weekend and it was great not having to think (um, worry!) about what I would wear but just have a dress to throw on and feel good in.

Lazybones Maria

I’m going to continue to walk a balance between feeling comfortable with myself and with my wardrobe without seeing my value as coming from how I look – gosh, it’s a tough one sometimes.

What about you? Is your wardrobe full of life or something you struggle with? Oh, and what do you think of Lazybones?


Thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ with Lazybones

  1. My second is now eight months old, and since having both my children, I have an extra 20 kilos (the number doesn’t faze me too much) but a completely different shaped body. I struggle every day with it and what to wear. I’ve lately began to accept that the clothes I used to wear I probably wont again, and I’m trying to find new styles and brands that I can wear and feel confident and happy. So thanks for this post, I’ll be heading over to check out some of those dresses x
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  2. I have recently lost a fair bit of weight (9kilos) and I have found it has been a little bit easier to dress. But I also had a massive cull of my wardrobe to make it quicker to put outfits together. I realised that even with the weight off some outfit didn’t suit me or weren’t practical at all. So I had to be ruthless! But it is liberating. t hate shopping for clothes so I’d rather rely on a few selected bits ;-)
    Theses dresses are lovely by the way and the one you have on suits you perfectly.

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