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5 Fabulous Buys for New Mums (that won’t break the bank)

When baby number 3 comes along it’s hard to know what you *need* to buy to add to the alredy overflowing cupboard and drawers, filled by the little ones who have already set up camp in what used to be your quiet and calm life!

To be honest when Bluey came along I didn’t think I needed anything but I ended up receiving a few fabulous gifts and I really wanted to share them with you because these five things are used/worn almost every single day and I think that’s a pretty high recommendation!

gifts for new mums

1. Hug-A-Bub I didn’t babywear my first two littlies but after a casual comment from a friend about how useful she found carrying her second I decided to give it a go. The gorgeous team from Hug-a-Bub sent me a Baby Carrier and I am simply in love! Bluey falls asleep almost as soon as I slip him into it, I feel genuinely hands free – comfortable to bend over & carry things – I can comfortably wear Bluey and carry Bear at the same time. It’s genius & I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner!!

2. Mumma Bubba JewelleryI first heard about Mumma Bubba Jewellery through a business friend and thought it sounded like a fun and practical thing to brighten up my wardrobe. I’ve been amazed at both Bluey and Bear’s reaction to it – they both instinctively reach out to hold it, almost like it comforts them. Bear has broken several of my gorgeous necklaces over the past couple of years so I am truly thrilled to have 2 Mumma Bubba ones that are babyproofed from breakage – one I gifted myself and one was a gift from a friend (thanks Alli!) that I can, and do, wear all the time!

3. Love to Dream Wrap Possibly the most amazing invention in baby wrapping EVER! I wish these had been around when Bliss was born, she would have loved it! I’ve used several for Bear and now Bluey and I just adore them. They keep the bubs snug while allowing them good movement to settled themselves. Love, love, love! The one pictured is part of a new range they introduced for Summer, the Love to Swaddle Up LITE and I have had Bluey in it almost every single day since December!! This is a limited edition wrap that I was gifted by the Love to Dream team – if you are looking for a baby gift or have a bub on the way then the very next thing you need to do after reading this sentence is buy a wrap. Seriously, they are that awesome.

4. Aden and Anais Wrap. It may seem strange that I am talking about this product after just raving about the Baby Wrap above but bear with me. My sister gave me these when Bluey was born and I use them constantly. I don’t often wrap Bluey up in one (because of the Love to Dream swaddles) though they are a great option if the others are in the wash but the thing that is so awesome about these wraps are the size. They are HUGE! At 1.2m x 1.2m they are perfect for a pram cover, a sun shield in the car, a lite blanket on warmer nights and days, a great breastfeeding cover and the list goes on. Can’t believe I hadn’t had these for my other bubs either! All the other wraps I did have are now totally redundant.

5. Bump, Baby & Beyond Cowl Neck Nursing Top Not only do I get lots of lovely compliments when I wear this top, I cannot tell you how comfortable and practical it is. It’s great for breastfeeding, is flattering and I would wear it every day if social graces didnt’ dictate that people shouldn’t really smell that bad, that often. Instead I will just be buying another one in another colour so I can alternate on a daily basis. Awesome! The Bump, Baby & Beyond store is actually full of awesome products, including this one, whichI wear on alternate days to the one pictured!

So there you go, this is my round up of 5 wonderful gifts to treat yourself to if you are an expecting or new mum, or to buy as a gift for a friend. Tell me mums, am I right or am I right??

Just to be super clear about it – I was gifted a Hug A Bub to review, a Love to Dream wrap to review and a gift voucher to spend at Bump, Baby and Beyond. I would (& have) happily spend my own dollars on all these items as well. The other items I either bought myself or received as gifts from friends and family.

What do you think of my list? Is there anything you would add??

Thoughts on “5 Fabulous Buys for New Mums (that won’t break the bank)

  1. Some very good tips for a Mum to be!
    Would love to see a post of some other items. e.g. I am wondering whether to buy a 5-bottle steamer, a bath themometer, a travel moses basket/bassinette, baby bath or moulded seat that goes in the bath etc etc. No need to answer these specific questions, but some tips on what you couldn’t live with/without from the practical side would be SUPER!

    • Thanks Amy! I can certainly look at some other posts about it definitely! My thoughts initially are – I didn’t buy a steamer but a friend has lent me one. I found it really useful with Bear as I expressed with him but am so far exclusively bf’ing Bluey so haven’t had the need this time round. If you are expecting to use bottles then the steamer definitely made things easier for me last time. I haven’t ever used a bath thermometer nor a moses basket (I used this: http://www.louisaclaire.com/louisa-2/my-favourite-things-phil-teds-cocoon-aka-the-orange-carrier/ which has now been used by all 3 of mine and I love it!) I used both a straight baby bath and a molded seat and really loved the seat especially with “little helpers” around the place :) With Bluey though I just don’t have time to give him baths so instead he showers with me which he really loves (thankfully!). Any other specific questions and I’m happy to share my 2c though as with most things, everyone has a different opinion!! What number bub is this for you? xx

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