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When Parenting Pays Off

Sometimes parenting really pays off…my wonderful friend Aunty Awesome arrived today. Whenever she is here it’s like the person who has been sitting on my chest has stood up.

I can breathe.

Bliss got up this afternoon and asked “Where’s Aunty?” It’s always nice tobe usurped by another person…but actually it’s very nice to see her loving someone who is so close to me.

I ducked out to do some last minute party planning and when I got back Aunty Awesome reported back.

Before I left I bribed treated Bliss to a milko. This tranpired…

Bliss: Would you like to share my treat?

AA: No thanks, you can have it but thanks for asking.

Bliss: We share with our friends, and you’re my friend.

All together now…awwww…


Before we get too gushy they also had this conversation when Bear woke up.

Bliss: He needs to have some milk from my mummie’s boobies. But not from your boobies, they’re too small.

When I asked her about this she told me that I have VERY big boobies.

Sheesh. Even my two year old has noticed!

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Thoughts on “When Parenting Pays Off

  1. LOL!! Had a similar conversation with a three year old recently! Ah, we should make the most of it while we’re breastfeeding, Louisa. They usually become pretty deflated when it’s all over. My friend has warned me they get smaller and smaller after each child! Glad I’m stopping at two! :)
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  2. haha excellent. I love a bit of boob action.

    Muffin refers to my knickers as “Mummy’s big BIG knickers” not quite the same as big boobies though..

  3. I can totally relate!
    My almost 6 year old was gifted a box of pre-loved My Little Pony gear from a friend and her first thought (after gushing) was that we should buy the friend something new to play with as well.

    That and she love telling me how HUGE my boobs are

  4. While we are on the subject of “boobies”…

    My best friend and I are both “well-endowed”. We used to always argue over who was bigger (each wanting to be the smallest). When I was in late high school, we baby-sat her cousins for a couple of hours. I think they were about 4 and 5 years old at the time. The 4 year old took one look at me at announced “Your boobs are bigger than [best friend's]”

    Well, that was settled.

  5. LOL Missy Woo said to me the other day “Mummy, will I get those things you’ve got on your tummy?” and touched my boobs. I’m not sure how she took it when I told her she would “one day” get something like it. Slight consternation, I think.
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