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Today has not been a good day. We haven’t had a day like this since this day and the time she cried for four hours, only today has been worse because we’ve been having so many wonderful days that I was completely unprepared for it.

As you will know, the little blossom was awake for quite a few hours last night…crying. I tried rocking, pacing, bouncing (gently), you name it and I tried it…nada. She finally fell back asleep and at 7am I swapped over with the Happy Husband. By 7.30am I was drifting back into the land of nod. At 8.30am I was woken by crying, crying, and more crying. Not even the musical bee made her smile. This was serious!

Changed her nappy, putting her in a disposable instead of the cloth in case that was what was making her uncomfortable. Nope. An early feed topped up with expressed milk in case she was still hungry. Nope.

Her behaviour was completely out of character so…off to the Doctor I went, feeling every bit the anxious mother that I pride myself on not being.

Of course the minute we get to the Dr.s surgery she stops crying and only starts again when it’s time to leave! Nothing of consequence seems to be wrong, though (mercifully) the Dr. does agree that she has obviously been upset about something. Reflux perhaps?

Off I trot. The car. Peace. I drive around A LOT. Off to mother’s group. More mercy, she sleeps, feeds, plays and sleeps.

We get home. It starts again. I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND!

Bless her, she holds my finger with her little hand. I love her. Still crying, still driving me crazy. I feel like poking my eyes out with a stick!

Is it time for HH to come home yet?

It is not helpful that I am dealing with this after an essentially sleepless night!

Reprieve. The reason I am here writing this is not because I need to get a break for a few minutes so that I don’t actually poke my eyes out with a stick. Though, that would be reasonable! The reason is because she has finally knocked herself out.

Here are some pictures of the day. Despite the disaster there were moments of peace, some of which I managed to capture.

Here she is this morning. Intrigued once more by the rotating space-ship-bouncer.
I had 20minutes of peace while she was in this.
Just enough time for me to have a shower.

Some cheeky cuteness….

And just before her last meltdown…
I though the top was very appropriate!

I also took a ‘before’ shot of me…thinking I could then take an ‘after’ shot. Oh how I naive am I!?! The closest I got to ‘after’ shots are the three at the top of the post. Some-less-than-sensational pictures of me which perhaps give you a glimpse into my state of mind today!

Thoughts on “Today

  1. Oh wow Lou you are a superhero for (I assume) resisting the relentless urge to poke your own eyes out with a stick. One thing you can comfort yourself with, however, is that you certainly make an entertaining blog writer!

    I hope tonight brings a better rest for you. And I miss you guys!

  2. I know those days!!
    Sleep deprivation is atrocious and makes you think terrible thoughts.

    You definitely have to take lots of super cute photos at those times between the wailing and then show everyone so they can tell you how cute she is and you forget that she’s really not cute all the time!

    Poor little thing, it probably is reflux of some kind, or an allergy or something if you can’t see any other reason for the crying. But who really knows?? It is so hard to diagnose even for doctors.

  3. Hey Lou!!

    I can So relate to your day! Je!! Is really frustrating when they cry and cry and you can’t seem to know WHY!!!!

    Hope you had a better day today!

    Hope to see you soon

  4. I can’t really relate to the activities of your day (not having had a baby… and being male and all) but know from listening to my sisters that it is quite a big thing to be a mum. You are doing a fab job.

    And I love those photos… Especially the top three. You could make yourself into a billboard. Put a title across the top “Suffering from babymania? Blog it”.

  5. Hey guys, thanks for commenting! It’s really encouraging to know that people actually read this & that it’s worthwile me spending the time on it…esp at the end of a day like this one was!

  6. I’m new to your blog, and can’t see your other, so I can only surmise what’s going on. But my second baby, Sam. Oh, he was like this. I felt like I could not put him down for so many months. Longer.

    Once you rule out medical (and some of his was. Severe reflux, vomiting blood. And 19 ear infections in his first 14 months), all I have is this.

    I love him. I mean, I always loved him. But now, it’s the awe inspiring, tickled pink by him, overwhelming kind of love. We had to work for it, Sammy and I. It wasn’t easy. He wasn’t easy, and i wasn’t in a good place at all.

    But he’s 3 and a half now. And his personality has developed, and he’s (finally) able to communicate. And there’s nothing and noone like him. He makes me laugh, every hour of every day. I still don’t get a whole lot of sleep. But I cannot believe how desperately I love this child, this little man who made his first two years of my life such hell.

    I’m sorry if this is out of line, without me knowing near enough about your situation. But I wanted to say…it gets better. It’s such a cliche. But it gets sooo much better. You won’t believe how much.

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