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To Be A Little Girl Again

Recently Bliss has been making her way into our bed a little more often than we would like.

We may even have become one of those families where the husband has to seek refuge on a couch or in the child’s bed because there simply isn’t room for him in his own.

More than once I have woken up recently with both children AND the cat in bed with me…and no husband.

It’s not great on a number of fronts but today I took a little trip down memory lane and into my daughters’ mind.

We had an afternoon “rest”, all together in one bed. I was doubtful but as I lay there, snuggled up with Bear and with Bliss watching a movie on my phone resting next to me I felt her snuggle in too. I lay there, sandwiched between the two little ones I love the most and remembered being a kid, snuggled in between my parents and thought of Bliss and her midnight visits.

No wonder she loves it! It really is a beautiful feeling to be snuggled up with the people who love you the most.

Ah, to be a little girl again.


Thoughts on “To Be A Little Girl Again

  1. Aww beautiful :) My two won’t sleep with us at all, but love to hop into bed for Sunday morning snuggles each week. It’s my favourite part of the day

  2. Between the ages of 2 and 3 Darling No.2 would snuggle into bed with us every night. On the one hand I hated being sandwiched between two super heated water bottles, but on the other I loved being with her. I knew it wouldn’t last and so I let it continue until one night she wanted to stay in her own bed.

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