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The Power Of We

This morning Kelly from Be A Fun Mum wrote a post talking about how the Power of We starts with Me. She reminded me that small differences start with ourselves and with the little ways we can give back to our communities and the world around us….as the power of one leads to the power of many we witness many a miracle.

As I have thought about what the Power Of We means to me I’ve realised that at the moment, for me, the power of we is about how we can lean on each other for the support and action we aren’t capable of by ourselves. That by being part of a community or communities we can look to one another to do the things we can’t.

I like living in the season Kelly writes about but now, at this point in time, I am in the other one. I am thankful to be part of communities who act when I can’t .

There’s one action I can do always though and that is sponsor a child. I thank God and the community for World Vision and their long term commitment to serving the world and for giving me the privilege of being part of their action for change.

Today is Blog Action Day and I’m joining in with fellow World Vision bloggers- you can read their inspiring posts below.

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