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The Peony Pavilion & A Date!

On Thursday night The Architect and I will be heading off to see The Peony Pavilion at The Arts Center. It’s been described as the China’s Romeo and Juliet, which has me feeling quite excited.

We love going to The Arts Centre, apart from feeling like true grown ups remembering life from “before kids”, the performances we see are always breathtaking! While I do love a good flick, there’s something so beautiful and romantic about seeing a live performance. Given the Wall Street Journal has described this performance as “a ravishing spectacle few will forget” I have no doubts this ballet will be amazing!

Getting a night out without the kids can be a big negotiation, and with the skyrocketing costs of babysitting, it can be hard to justify. The Architect and I have decided to make it a priority for the two of us to go out and spend time together doing something fun! As I’m at home with the kids most of the week, and when I’m working am still mostly at home, going into the city or out in the evening at all is a huge deal, and it makes me feel young and happy! Strange, but true.

I am so excited about heading out tomorrow to see The Peony Pavilion with my hubs and strolling through Melbourne…


The Peony Pavilion is showing at The Arts Centre in Melbourne from March 15-18.

How important are date nights to you? Is going to The Ballet or Theater something you enjoy?


We have been comped tickets to the show and are very much looking forward to it!

Update: We went to see the Peony Pavilion last night and it was really wonderful! I highly recommend a visit.

Thoughts on “The Peony Pavilion & A Date!

  1. We don’t do date nights nearly often enough, but when we do it’s usually just dinner or a movie or something. Last weekend we did dinner + movie then met friends out for drinks after at the new hilton. They have a very cool bar there, and I think we will go back! we’re lucky to have my mum and 2 sisters to all on for babysitting, so that isn’t really a factor. in June we’re having the ultimate date weekend – off to Melbourne on our own to see the musical Annie, stroll along Flinders and Collins Street, sip lattes, and hopefully sleep in!
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  2. I do love a good flick, there’s something so beautiful and romantic about seeing a live performance.I have no doubts this kind ballet will be amazing!

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