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The most expensive cupcake you’ve ever had…

Last night, before I slipped off to bed at the outrageous time of 9pm, I posted this picture to my Facebook page:


I quickly found out that not only is it not the most expensive cupcake in the world but in fact, it is merely a very average priced one.

Who knew?

Clearly I am completely out of touch with how much things cost! Last week when I posted a pic of sparkly ballet flats costing $70, I found out from my Facebook page that the most you should pay for flats is $30-$40 AND now I’ve learnt that paying $5.50 for a cupcake is entirely normal.

Anybody else feel confused?!


What does a cupcake in your area cost? Do you also balk at paying $5.50?



Thoughts on “The most expensive cupcake you’ve ever had…

    • Glad I am not alone in this! It’s not as outrageous as one coffee shop I know in Camberwell who charge $3.50 for one of those tea cup biscuits with the marshmallows and tic tocs – that is truly outrageous!

  1. I don’t eat cupcakes so wouldn’t know what was a good price. But I have recently stopped buying coffee each day after realizing I was paying on average $4 a pop. Nearly $30 a week on coffee? No thanks, I’d rather buy ballet flats! x
    Shelley recently posted..Holiday NestingMy Profile

  2. No way would I pay $5.50 for a cupcake. I could make an entire batch of cupcakes for $5.50, and without the two-inch thick icing that makes it impossible to taste the cake.
    A nice slice of citrus tart, on the other hand, with some cream on the side… mmmm…. I’d pay more than $5.50 for that. ;)
    Sue Ellen recently posted..A gentle whisperMy Profile

    • haha! Well the chocolate brownie (of modest size) that Laney ate was $6.50 withOUT cream. Craziness!?! What is the world coming too when a cupcake costs $5.50….

      On the upside, I will be eating far fewer cupcakes going forward so maybe there’s a diet queen out there behind it all?!

      • Meh. If you want a cupcake (and you’re willing to pay for it!) then eat a cupcake. I will never diet again. I’m a big fan of Intuitive Eating – I eat what I want, when I’m hungry, and stop when I’m satisfied. And no, that hasn’t caused massive weight gain. It hasn’t caused any weight gain at all, and I’m much happier for it. Life is far too short to be counting calories or telling myself I’m not allowed to eat things. Especially while there is bacon in this world… ;)
        Sue Ellen recently posted..A gentle whisperMy Profile

  3. I used to buy cupcakes for 2.50 each. My brownies that I make are easily worth more than 6.50 each but that is because the batch contains about a kilo of chocolate (all things considered…m&ms, malteasers, choc bits and 500g of melted chocolate)…and plus the size of the slices means you never need to go back for seconds…
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  4. i see them for that price but don’t buy it – i hate all the places that also charge $5 for raisin toast and it is not homemade – if i wanted a package of tip top bread i would eat at home LOL if it is from a bag i say $2 for the kiddos max!

    and i think $70 for nice ballet flats is not expensive (i see many more expensive which are nice leather + many cheaper at places like target/big w)
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..40 after 40 – Life listMy Profile

  5. I can’t pay for cupcakes full stop! They just don’t seem to be worth it for me (probably because I make a batch every second week). That one does look particularly delicious though, and I might have been tempted!

    And $70 for flats is very reasonable. I suppose I’m happy to pay money for something that should last for a year or more, but not for something that will be gone in two bites ;)
    Tam recently posted..Meal planning basicsMy Profile

    • LOL! That’s a very valid point! It was pretty yummy though. And YAY about the ballet flats, I thought that was OK too and really, anything under $100 is OK with me – I am an old believer in the idea that you get what you pay for :) … except in the case of a $5.50 cupcake!!

  6. Sadly, most cupcakes on sale in shops are generally bought in and made with a commercial cake mix. The icing is fortified with vegetable shortening so that it stands up to temperature fluctuations and keeps it shape. They certainly aren’t worth the price tag. A high end patisserie on the other hand that makes it’s own cakes on site and uses quality ingredients and demonstrates great skill with the icing and decoration, well that’s something I will pay for.
    As someone who makes cakes cakes for sale occasionally, I’ve always struggled with pricing them to reflect not only the ingredient cost but the time and effort used to make and decorate them. I’ve never charged $5 per cupcake but maybe I will from now on….
    Di-licious recently posted..Flourless Orange & Cardamom CakeMy Profile

  7. No way I’d pay $5.50 for a cupcake… but then our little country town bakery has home made, amazing decorated cupcakes (pigs, hedgehogs, frogs…) for $1.80 so I might be a lulled into a false sense of what a cup cake costs living out here in the sticks!
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  8. I’d have a hard time justifying $5.50 for a cupcake. I mean, I could almost buy a book for that and get at least two hours pleasure out of it. BUT, I did buy us all a macaron the last time we were at the super fancy farmers market and paid close to $4 a macaron. It was expensive (IMO) but apparently, not really.

    For the record, my last half a dozen pairs of ballet flats haven’t cost me more than $10 a pair. I am a total cheapskate when it comes to anything that isn’t books!
    Veronica recently posted..I am a storyteller.My Profile

  9. Wow $5.50. Sure is pricey! I just paid $62.00 for my ballet flats, but I am in love with them and they are comfy. I have gone cheapo ones but they tend to rip my feet apart.
    I find even the coffee in Nth Fitzroy a bit more expensive than my local not far away in East Brunswick.

  10. No, I refuse to pay that much for a cupcake, but then I am tight! If I knew it was really special and home made and I was really hungry and could eat it mindfully I might … but too often I am disappointed. At my age and weight I need my calories to count, and I like to enjoy every bite! I refuse to pay for bad coffee also, I would rather have no coffee than bad coffee.

  11. I have a hard time paying $2.50-$3.00 for really small cupcakes so I doubt I would have paid $5.50 for one. Love cupcakes but with their popularity their prices keep going up.

    Love making cupcakes myself – I’m making some really fancy ones in a few weeks time, so I might do a costing of how much they actually cost to make

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