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the current conundrum

hold baby = happy baby = get nothing done but enjoy your child

take baby out for walk = happy, sleeping baby = get exercise = no housework gets done but exercise is good

go out to see friends = hold baby = happy baby = entertained mother = no housework gets done but a nice day is had

don’t hold baby = sometimes happy baby/sleepy baby BUT other times sad/crying baby = baby unhappy and mummy doesn’t really get much done because she is too busy worrying about and trying to settle baby.

it seems pretty obvious when i write it down but doing the first three, particularly the last one does leave me feeling somewhat guilty about the amount the Happy Husband then does when he gets home from work.

The saying is surely true – many hands make light work!

That said, these are some of my newfound skills:
– breastfeeding and eating breakfast
– breastfeeding and typing!
– bringing in washing one-handed (i am yet to progress to being able to put it out one-handed)

Now, what I am sure you have all been waiting for…more pictures!

Thoughts on “the current conundrum

  1. Try a baby pouch/papouse (spelling). Total godsend for a niggly baby and makes doing a few chores easier. Failing that a swing that you put batteries in and plays music. It gives you enough time to get the washing on and/or hung out and any little things that need doing. It does put them to sleep to, but i tried not to get Nieve or Keira to fall asleep in it as you don’t want to start habits that need to be broken.

  2. I believe most people, when asking if your baby is good, are simply making conversation….asking you how you are doing, how is it going for the two of you, giving you a chance to talk, discuss, compare and even vent your troubles, frustrations, any questions you might have, etc. Similar to “how was your day?” or “how do you do?”
    And in most cases, they aren’t expecting you to say anything more than yes…..yes she is a wonderful baby.
    It is our own insecurities that have us questioning whether we are good mothers and worry that people are talking about us and our screaming babies.

    BUT…..When I was young….before children…..when I would hear a screaming child, I would think; that poor child, what on earth is that mother doing to it, or why doesn’t she take care of her baby. After I had my own child, I began to think; that poor mother…

    You should get yourself a baby sling / carrier, so that you have your hands free. But you need to learn to leave her be and you need to start early. The longer you wait, the longer you give in to her cries, the harder it will be for both of you. You’ve seen them at the day cares, pre schools, kindergartens and even grade school……separation anxiety, screaming child / parent guilt. And….unless you want to be carrying your baby well past its toddler years, you need to be strong and put her down….leave her be. Get a play pen before she knows the freedom of crawling. Once she has experienced a world without boundaries, there is no turning back….you will never be able to use a playpen.
    Oh and BTW….your baby is beautiful!
    I wish you and your baby a most beautiful life.

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