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Thanks For Being Real: A Vlog

This ain’t pretty folks. I didn’t mean to cry. It’s all your fault Anna :)


Oh, and I was going to show you the ring The Architect gave me for my birthday but I got distracted by my tears.

bday ring


Next time, I’ll wear make up, improve the lighting and smile more!

And now, I’m off to do some housework!


Thoughts on “Thanks For Being Real: A Vlog

  1. Oh.. I just remarked to a friend, who recently stopped work, to be with her kids, that being a SAHM is the loneliest job in the world, and she absolutely agreed and in some way, whilst she loved being with her kids, she really missed her lunches, her colleagues and all the adult times.

    It’s always an uphill battle to stay motivated, but know that you ARE an inspiration to a lot of people (inc. me)..and remember, being 30.. that is SOOOO FUN! You’re in the best stage of your life (Ok ok..I say that to everystage in life..tee hee), so.. chin up, smile and be kind to yourself.
    Su Chin recently posted..Reaching MilestonesMy Profile

  2. A great honest blog, Louisa. You’ve got me bawling too!
    As joyous as motherhood is, I found it extremely isolating, particularly with my first child. My paretning style is very different to the other mothers in my others group, and my girlfriends haven’t had kids yet, and my husband works 16 hour days trying to grow our business. Some days really suck! But I do find it easier now that I’m connecting with other mums online, just like this.
    Thanks for your tears. You make me feel human :)
    Fiona xxx
    My Mummy Daze recently posted..Family Snapshot- Lots of splashingMy Profile

  3. Just love this post. So honest and true. I am struggling with the SAHM thing, even though there’s nothing I want to do more than be here. Wanting that doesn’t make this stage any easier.
    You are such an amazing woman. So strong, open and honest and so often I feel as if you speak straight from MY heart.
    As Su said, be kind to yourself xo
    Becky recently posted..On Body Image- Eating Disorders and Raising ChildrenMy Profile

  4. You are such a sweety!! I see your heart in all of your posts – but now I see it on your face as well! Being a SAMH is such a life of extremes. There are days it is blissful and creative and fabulous and other it’s just not and I feel like I’m being chewed up and spat out exhausted at the other end of the day. The good thing is we have others to be real with. Your ‘realness’ is inspirations Louisa. Loved the Vlog … look forward to seeing you again soon :)
    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted..Never fail carrot cakeMy Profile

  5. Wow, so very honest Louisa. Having just made the step to become a SAHM, I’m feeling every word you just spoke. Big hugs to you. And always know I’m only a tweet, email of FB inbox away (especially with another Wonder Week for our li’l five-month-old bubs approaching!!)
    Kellie recently posted..RECIPE- Veggie soupMy Profile

  6. Oh Louisa I so feel you in this one. I too am struggling at the moment. I think it’s a combination of the blogging conference, and the fact that this will be my sixth year home full time. I can see so much that I *could* do, but I’m still trying to hold back because there are two little munchkins who need me at home – at least for now. Sigh. You are not alone.

    And you are beautiful. Honest, raw, real and beautiful. xx
    SquiggleMum recently posted..Blemished ChildrenMy Profile

  7. I’m sorry I made you cry, Lou!
    I’m still home after 13 years – my children know where I am all day. I never knew that would be important, but to them, it really is. I tried studying when Miss 6 was in kinder, but even theat took me “away” too much for them to manage. So now I am off to cook a long slow meal to have for tea. At least we have time to eat well, too!

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