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Seriously. Where Were The Parents?

Have you ever heard a story about something happening to a child and thought Seriously?! Where were the parents? And possibly huffed/thought/said Some people!!!!

A friend told me this week about a 2year old who had their finger bitten off by a goat and my first reaction was, where were the parents?? The Architect gave me this look and reminded me of how quickly children move. I guess sometimes a goat just wins.

Anyway, obviously that reminder was not sufficient for me, I needed to add a bout of bad-parenting-humiliation in to really get the message through as today, a few hours after arriving in Sydney, I put Bear into the high chair at my folks place while I went on my merry way sorting out food for Bliss and other bits & pieces. He’s been sick and very sooky today but he was enjoying the high chair and I was enjoying the peace.



Seriously?? Where were the parents!!!



And this is where my family reminds me that we are the real-life version of the Walker Family from Brothers & Sisters and that it would be really useful if I could figure out how to have three-way conversations on my phone so I could talk to my Mum & Dad at the SAME time rather than constantly hanging up on one to talk to the other and then hanging up on them so I could talk to the other again and relaying all the same information only to turn around and see my Uncle and Cousin walking up to Emergency as I am taking the kids out of the car because while I was talking to one parent the other called them, and they were with my grandparents who live just nearby and so they came to help while Mum & Dad made there way to us from the city.

With Uncle TJ, who the staff thought was my husband (hysterical).

It was actually quite handy having them there.

With my Uncle, the baby whisperer, who the Dr thought was the patient (also hysterical).


Then in the cage, cot.


It really is more of a cage…


And doesn’t he look like such a baby when he’s just in his nappy?

So the take home points:

* Babies who fall and hit their heads don’t have to wait at Emergency

* Babies can move fast

* Despite what you think, 6month old babies can wriggle out of seats…especially if they aren’t *ahem* strapped in properly, and then catapult themselves onto the floor. This is not a good thing.

* Having a family like mine has an upside :)


The end.

Thoughts on “Seriously. Where Were The Parents?

  1. Oh no! Poor Bear and poor mama too. What an amazing family you have – I love how some people will just drop everything to help you out :)
    Will it make you feel better if I tell you Tricky has fallen off the bed? And that is after hearing my MIL tell me constantly to not put him on the bed – she only told me constantly because her other son fell off and broke his collar bone at 2 months old. Glad he’s OK xxx
    Glowless recently posted..Mummy Manners – GiveawayMy Profile

  2. It’s not only babies, but 3 year olds too. This happened in Feb, 3 times, so one would think that the parents and the child would get the message. Keira walked into the pool with out her bands on, with 9 kids sitting aound the pool ranging from 3-10, with 25 odd people sitting on chairs around said pool and she still managed to go in and under. Thank heavens for Iain’s cousin’t wife. She climbed in after her. And where were we….Iain was bbqing for the masses and i was in the kitchen making salads for the masses…This was the third time she had done this on our holiday. Keira has also fallen down all 16 stairs narrowly missing the raidiator while the two of us were going through the stair gate. She was about 13mths old and yanked her hand out of mine and went flying backwards like a rag doll bouncing down the stairs…It happens to the best of us. We can’t be everywhere all the time protecting them. We can just do the best that we can do with what we have.
    Lot’s of Love

  3. Oh, I’m so glad he’s okay! I lost Max this week for the first time. Only for a moment and he was with an adult friend just in the next corridor over, but still… they move SO fast!!

  4. The little blighters move so fast – ours wriggled backwards off the change table at 6 months when our backs were turned for 5 seconds – we wound up in Emergency, with a fractured skull and neurosurgery to relieve an extradural clot. Heartstoppingly terrifying.

    Fast-forward nearly 2 years and he’s still tearing around the house/park/garden, just faster than he was before he could crawl and walk/run. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  5. Don’t you hate that sound it makes when babies hit the floor! (Might be giving away a bit much of my own parenting shortcomings there!!) So glad little bear is okay. My biggest pink was in a carry-all on her dad’s back at about 4 months. Mummy forgot to strap her in and she hit the ground. I can still her that whack sound almost 7 years later. (Daddy is 6foot5 -so it was rather a large fall). Glad all is okay :O)
    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted..The Easter Egg Brownie ChallengeMy Profile

  6. You know, the worst injury my 4 month old has sustained so far was a bite to the head (from her older brother). Where were the parents? I was sitting there holding the baby out to the perpetrator, thinking he was just about to kiss her!

  7. Oh poor Louisa! I hope bubba is doing much better now. He looks so incredibly cute in these pics.
    Don’t worry, I’m totally guilty of passing judgement on others, but then realising in the next instant that parenting is a 24/7 job, of which requires 8 sets of hands and 6 sets of eyes and even then it’s not enough sometimes. The reality is, we can only do what we are capable of doing and try not to beat ourselves up over the rest.
    Easier said than done. I know!

  8. Gosh I remember the first hospital trip with my older ones and the second and the third! And everytime they hurt themselves I was only about two feet away.

    My twin brothers used to fall off and bang into so Mich stuff my
    northernmum recently posted..New Theme- LinenMy Profile

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