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Self-Sabotage and Mindful Eating

Confession time. I fell into some bad patterns over Bear’s birthday ‘season’. Somewhere between having an abundance of smarties in the house and multiple dinners out I allowed myself to slacken off. I was aware of it and yet…those old habits die hard.

It all felt too hard – to hard to count every calorie, to think so much about what to eat when I was hungry and to not eat for the sake of it…but somehow, last Friday I made the decision to stop and change. To really stop.

I want this!

Saturday morning I stepped up to the plate…or in this case, the scales and took a deep breath. I had mentally prepared to be back to the beginning and felt quite anxious about things being even worse than that.

I was down  1.5kg – just a short 0.3kg away from my first goal.

I didn’t really know what to say about it…I was ready to confess my bad ways here and wanted to find a positive way to write about it because it’s too easy to focus on the negatives, on how hard it is but here I am. I am back on the wagon and over the past fews days realising that it’s the little things that happen in your mind that make a difference. That thought I’d falled off the wagon I was still listening to my bodies hunger signs, drinking water or berocca instead of eating carbs, eating less fruit, eating more mindfully.

In a few weeks 12WBT is going to be over.

Here’s hoping the mindfulness is just beginning.


Are you a mindful eater? What’s your biggest challenge and your best tip?

Thoughts on “Self-Sabotage and Mindful Eating

  1. I’ve been trying to loose (quite a) few kgs this year and it has been a long battle. I am doing it through a very well known weight loss company (won’t mention name as not commenting in order to promote anyone), but I will say there is one univeral lesson that can be applied to anyone, regardless of where you are on your becoming-healthy/weightloss/getting fit/whatever goal you choose, journey:
    — each day is a new day, don’t worry if you fall off the wagon. Start again the next day, and just do your best. That is all you can really ask of yourself.

  2. Since deciding that I needed to be healthier, I’ve been more mindful of my eating. I like to make things easy for myself and keep almonds and fruit close to the front of the fridge and cupboard for snacking and I’ll drink tea when I feel hungry and then wait to see how I feel 20 minutes later.
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  3. Every now and then I’ll fall off the wagon. Sometimes the pleasure of a splurge outweighs anything else. I convert anything I want to eat into how many hours I’ll have to spend on the treadmill. That’s an excellent deterrent. That white hot chocolate? That’s an hour of running.

    Sometimes a splurge is necessary. Sometimes an evening of comfort eating feeds my soul and is just as important as making time to go to the gym.

    It’s a balance!
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