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Picture Time…which, let’s be honest, is why you’re here reading this!

Ok, enough of my ramblings folks. Here’s what you all really want…more pictures! I am going to be very self-indulgent and post a number of ‘self-portraits’ of Little Precious and I. Perhaps you can tell me which one is the best because I can’t decide!

I love the red in this one

I really like the windswept thing going on in this one

Could she be any cuter? Enough said.
turns out it’s possible…such cuteness!
Ok, enough of the self indulgence…though it was fun :)

Here are some other cuties…

Have I mentioned that I am SOOOO hanging out for our new kitchen!
Pretty in Pink and still in love with and in awe of the musical bee!

More cuteness

I have now lost track of which pictures I have already posted so sorry if there are duplicates here.

Good to catch up with you all here :)

See you again soon.

Thoughts on “Picture Time…which, let’s be honest, is why you’re here reading this!

  1. Go the baby beehinds! I didn’t realise till this photo that her hair is quite red – how gorgeous. I love the picture of Mark and the bath too.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for your comments and just simply for commenting! I love it when you comment and I know that there actually are people out there looking at this :) (hmmm…is that narcissitic of me?)

    Anyway…Ads are you using baby beehinds too? They are SO great! I am a MASSIVE fan of them. Hope you are going well in the lead up to No.2 :) Can’t wait to hear all about it and see some pics!

  3. I love the first and the third. But they are all very cute! And don’t worry about putting up photos of yourself- I recon part of capturing the experience properly is showing you guys together!
    love B

  4. Hello Louisa!
    These pictures are all wonderful. One is not better than the other, just a little different.
    Now, you had asked a question about one of my posts re: why don’t people in the States get out and pay for their own gas?
    It depends on which state you live in. (It’s really ridiculous!)
    I live in Oregon and we are not allowed to pump our own gas. I guess we can’t be trusted!
    I believe New Jersey is the only other state to do the same.
    And regarding payment, we have to hand it to someone, we can’t pay with the card-swiper.
    It really doesn’t make any sense.
    So, there you have it.
    I’ll be back to see more photos!

  5. I have a few covers, but mostly use other brands that I can get locally. They seem like a really good all round option though. Such cute colours!

  6. Love the wind swept look hun, but my favourite is the first one of the two of you. She has got your gorgeous hair. It is a stunning picture of you.

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