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Parenting For Dummies

I am writing this feeling quite chuffed with myself. Tonight I did the dishes and mopped the floor BEFORE sitting down at the computer. *Radical*

I’ve written a post over on Mummy Bloggers Blog about Giveaways , replied to some emails and now I’m at a bit of a loss. I’m used to sitting down at night with a million little things to do and jumping hurridly between them all…not tonight. Tonight, I might even step away from the computer. I’d best do it slowly and carefully lest I go into rapid detox.

While I’m gone I’ll leave you with some fun pics from some Mummy-Bliss playtime that’s been slotted in amidst a lot of imperfect parenting this past week…



If ever I’ve wanted confirmation that bad behaviour and parental attention are linked I’ve found it this week.

BUT, as I’ve looked at the sweet smiling faces of my kids it’s like my brain has switched on again and I know (again), with every fibre of my being, that everything I do, I do for these kids. I finally “get” that when the million little things pile up and threaten to crash down on my like an avalanche I can take a step back and realise that actually, nothing will collapse, it will all be there waiting for me. These kiddos won’t though, they are growing up so darn fast and it’s happening right before my eyes; I’d better make sure I stop and take notice.

Do you have ever moments like that?


Thoughts on “Parenting For Dummies

  1. Every single day i have moments like that when i look at my 16 month old son i never thought i would have. It feels like only yesterday he was born and now he’s talking and taking me by the hand to show me something he’s done! I feel like time is flying by so fast and there’s not enough minutes in my day to spend with my son!

  2. Yep. Those moments tend to happen to me when something bad happens online. I can go ‘oh wait, I can step back! Does this troll change anything in my life? Really? No.’

    Also, you just reminded me I have to go make fruit skewers instead of alternating between my book and the computer.
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  3. On a daily basis Louisa! I have to physically stop and remind myself to either chill out or just go with the flow a bit more. To enjoy every minute… even when I’m tired, exhausted and not in the mood. I can’t believe that my eldest will start school in less than 2 years and that my ‘baby’ will be 1 in less than 3 months! It’s a crazy life, we all just need to slow down and breathe. You’re doing well Louisa :o)

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