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Not quite sure how it’s happened…

…that I am awake at 4.20am and at my computer!

Since the little darling has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 or more weeks, this is not a place I was expecting to be again…at least not for a while.

Oh well…

I took a photo of myself to capture how I am feeling right at this point in time, but it turns out I don’t look that great at 4.20am. Hmmm…I feel so much better knowing that! I think I’ll spare you the pain of seeing me looking like crap in the middle of the night…I might also spare my pride too.

Instead, lets think of all the productive things I could do in these wee hours as I try and get the little one to go back to sleep and let the lovely husband keep sleeping…

– get Little Precious to sleep (you know, it’s only after I’d written and re-read this post that I realised this wasn’t on my list…oh dear, we are not off to a good start here. Heck, that should be abundantly obvious by the fact that I am even here, blogging, at all!)
– read the Bible
– read the really good book sitting next to me called ‘Respectable Sins’…expect more from me on this in the next little while
– choose LP’s outfit for tomorrow. A lovely friend from church dropped off a pile of gorgeous little girl clothing that her girls have grown out of and I can’t decide between the SEVEN beautiful dresses which one she should wear tomorrow. Taking the term spoilt for choice to whole new level! I might have to take some pics for you…
– start learning Photoshop
– try and work out where the HH and I might be able to go on holiday at the end of the year
– feed my addiction to the blogging world
– trawl around eBay.

I feel like that list started well and and then took and sudden and sharp downturn…I suspect I will do all of these things in some measure. I’d like to say the top two numbers two and three on my list will be my priority but as I yawn here and struggle to keep my eyes open (though the FLURO light in my office is a *real help* on that front!) I suspect this may not be the case.

I’m hungry. First things first…food!

Let me leave you with some more pics…

I like to call this one ‘Funky Town Girl’
Imagine me dancing around the house to a made up song that goes something like ‘You are a funky town girl, funky town girl, my little funky town girl’ and the expression on her face will be understandable.

Now here’s a picture to terrify me as the time slips past 5.30am…what if there were 3 of her??? She’s cute, but is she ‘love me if I multiply’ cute?!?

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