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Myth-Free Motherhood

In my google searching I just came across this article on the Big Picture of Motherhood . Some of it I can already connect with, some of it resonates with stories I’ve heard from other mums, stories I now have a much great appreciation of, experiences that I will probably face in my own life down the track. It’s a really helpful read for mums, expectant mums, people who work with mums…and given that I know people in all three categories read this blog I thought I would put the link up here. I hope it gives you the encouragement and insight it gave me!

p.s. I would secretly love to be a more balanced version of Bree. If you have seen my house, or me (for that matter!) you would know that I am living in a fantasy land…oh well, it’s a nice place to go sometimes…fantasy land, that is!

p.p.s. Yes, LP is now asleep but given that it’s almost 7am I thought I’d just stay up until it’s time for HH to get up and I can hand her over to him.

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