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More Thank Yous…

You saw some of the items that went out yesterday and I’m sure you joined me in appreciating the generosity of those businesses.

Norlin from Just Us Kids also sent some toys from her online store. Norlin replied to my initial call on the AMB website a mere 15minutes after I first posted about the appeal.

Thank so much !

It wasn’t long before I heard from Melissa from Kleenex Mums who then sent me 450 kleenex plush puppies! WOW!

Borders also picked up our appeal on twitter and contacted me yesterday to say they had a box of items to donate. We thank you Borders for your generosity too!

Crayola also donated 6 packs of markers and the Tree Top Toy Shop donated some books.

The generosity of individuals has also been so inspiring! Many of you contacted me wanting to send toys but either couldn’t get them too me or the boxes were already full. Thank you so much! To Alice, Kristin, Sarah, Linda, Lori, Heather & Leisl – thank you for your contributions and for going out of your way to get them to me in time.

Leisl spent about 6 hours yesterday picking up toys and then driving over to Borders to get their box of goodies for us, helping me sort and pack boxes of Huggies pups and generally lending a hand. When my SIL arrived to look after the kids so I could get to the airport she asked how we knew each other and was amazed to learn that we had just met. The beauty of online community in action!!!

One thought on “More Thank Yous…

  1. I was more than happy to help Louisa. I didn’t do much really. And wished I could have given more. Anything to cheer these kids up really. It’s nice to be able to be given a chance to help at all. Sometimes we just have to stop and remember how fortunate we are. :)

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