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Missed me much & some winners!

Hello friends, so it’s been a while…

So much has been going on and blogging has just not been on my radar at all.

The little miss is going well – cute as ever and getting into everything! Her latest feat is major cruising- she is pushing whatever she can get her hands on so she can walk around the house! I’ll load up some photos for you so you can see, I’ve also got some really funny video footage that I’ll try and get online.

Now that I am working (it’s going really well!) and studying (also going well!) I just don’t have the time for daily blogging. I’m going to aim for a couple of times a week and see how we go.

But, before I adieu. Winners, winners, winners.

The winner of the Sumo Omni Beanbag is…


The winner of the ‘Your Child’s Strengths’ is…

Magettes and Musgroves

Could you both please send me an email at louisa{at}everythingisedible{dot} come to arrange delivery.

Thoughts on “Missed me much & some winners!

  1. Hi Louisa! Thanks so much for visiting me and for your your lovely words, this is my first time as a Nana and it is great to know I am doing okay :)! Your blog is wonderful, I am looking forward to reading more – and your little girl is sooo gorgeous! Look at those eyes!, What a cutie, I love the picture of her lounging sideways in her little pink chair, she is just too cute! I saw the same chair in Blue a few weeks ago in Fremantle and wanted to go back and check it out (for my grandson!), I was driving past and so couldn’t get a decent look, it looks like your little miss loves it and finds it really comfy, does she use it alot? I am hoping the one I saw is still there! Take care and have a great week at work (and of course at home!)
    God Bless from Jenny in Perth

  2. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting! You are doing a wonderful job as far as I can see. Grandparents are soooo special!! My little girl is actually named after my grandmother she had such an impact on me! As for the chair, she absolutely LOVES IT. Got it for Christmas and didn’t really know what to do with it but a couple of months down the track and she sits in it and climbs on it all the time. The cutest is when she sits in it and then waits for one of us to notice her there…love it! My Mum actually got it from a Reject/$2 shop would you believe it! I think it cost $100(?) (so not strictly a $2 item!) but so totally worth it! I get the feeling that as she gets older it’s going to become even more of a ‘special chair’ for her! Looking forward to seeing more from you on your blog too!!

  3. Sarah, just realised I never replied to your message here! I am working for a church organisation as the Early Childhood & Families Minister part time. Working a lot from home and studying as part of it which is great. LP is loving her day with my friend and her kids – it's like she has 4 new siblings to entertain her…they love her and the feeling is mutual! I love watching her with them and feel so blessed to have my good friend looking after her. How are you guys going?

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