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Malaysia and Me

This is my third trip to Malaysia, and I’ve got to be honest and say that before marrying The Architect it had never occurred to me to come here – which would have been a shame as there’s a lot to love about this country – mostly the food and the shopping!

My first visit came a few months after we were married when The Architects grandmother passed away. We arrived early in the morning and upon arriving at the house the family decided they wanted to go for Roti Cenai at Devi’s. It was about 7am and we’d just gotten off an overnight flight – curry for breakfast was not on my mind.

It didn’t take long for me to develop a love affair of my own with Teh Tarek (a really yummy Indian tea) and Roti Cenai. Yesterday it was our first stop for the day, it probably will be again today!!

As it’s so hot here one of the main attractions are the shopping centers. Unlike it Aus where you wouldnt plan a family meal at a shopping center restaurant, here there are some great places to eat in the big centers. Last night we took the kids for dumplings and they were incredible!

(On the shopping front, they include all the main shops from the US and UK ~ Zara, Top Shop, Gap etc ~ and a few from Aus including Pumpkin Patch. The last time I was here I was pregnant with Bliss and a lot has changed since then- yesterday I found a whole mother & baby wing of Megamall which I’m sure I haven’t seen before.)

One of the curious thing about traveling to foreign lands is how even the little things are different. If you’ve ever been to America then you’ll identify with me about the bread – it’s really sweet, not at all like Aussie bread. Right now I’m writing this while drinking a cup of tea – it’s Twinings English breakfast with a bit of milk and sugar and it tastes really different because of the milk.

On that note it’s time to brave the day – it’s 7.10am here and the sun has only just risen.

Do you like to travel? What’s your favourite thing to discover in a new place?

Thoughts on “Malaysia and Me

  1. My family connection is Singapore and being an intimate neighbor, I can appreciate all you’ve described. Food! I love the fruits. Local hawker cuisine. I love travelling but solo is different from family company, as is going for adventure is different from visiting a familiar place. I love exploring history and culture when I travel, side lanes in old European towns, for example. But different food and shopping is never unwelcome. Have fun in Malaysia!

    • So true! I’ve been thinking about the difference between travelling and going on holiday. At the moment I feel this is more of a holiday than travel, though when we get to Bali it might feel a little different. Can’t wait to get to a night market and enjoy some hawker food!!
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  2. During my backpacker days, I spent some time on Tioman Island and travelled up through Malaysia to KL. I remember kopi susu (coffee with sweetened condensed milk) and I still love ais kacang (shaved ice dessert with jellies, beans and dressings), and wish I could get it here in Cairns. I also loved the hawker stalls for an inexpensive and delicious meal anytime.

    Enjoy your holiday Louisa!
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    • The food is amazing! That coffee reminds me of the Vietnamese Coffee we had when we were there too – so very yum! I had an iced coffee today and they served it with normal milk and sugar syrup which was a bit different but just as yum. Am having to be so careful about what I eat, could easily find myself heading 5kg backwards before I get home – yikes!!
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  3. Hee hee… welcome to my homeland. I’ve always loved the food, no matter what. When I’m back for the holidays, I literally dump my kids at my mom’s place, and go out eating the whole day long. Everything tastes so good there. So sinful. I miss my teh tarik (kurang manis – reduced sweetness) and my vadai (indian donut) with my tomato chutney, it is really one of the best brekkies to have in the world.
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