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looking and hoping, looking and hoping

everyday now for the last couple of weeks I have looked at the same property websites just checking to see if our dream home/unit/terrace has been listed at a totally affordable price, preferablly via private sale, and most importantly – a house we will love and noone else wants.

i’m in la la land.

one of my good friends and her husband bought a house after a year of looking (though they are quick to tell me it wasn’t consistent looking), a colleague of the Happy Husband has been looking every weekend for 7 months now and they still haven’t bought anything.

we have been looking for 2 weeks and I am close to being ‘over it’ – not that I am reknowned for being the most patient of people – or being even in the top 1 billion patient people. Nonetheless…I remain hopeful given what’s been sold and what is selling and will just keep waiting until our wonder place presents itself!! won’t that be excting…

we have set and achieved some good financial goals so far this year so perhaps it’s time to set another one…to be home/unit/terrace owners by the end of the year?

i’ll keep you posted…for now, i might just go check that website one more time

One thought on “looking and hoping, looking and hoping

  1. Kristy and I would love to have you in a house/terrace/flat near us! Move to Alphington, Fairfield or Northcote.

    Don’t get discouraged. Its a massive thing to be considering and aiming for so take it one piece at a time.

    If Kristy and I can help out in some way just give one of us a call.

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