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Things I Know…Kids and Family Edition

I know that I really enjoyed some quality time with my little man this week…

I know that I’m annoyed Picasa isn’t working so I can’t show you more pics of my little fireman.

I know that I’ve enjoyed my kids this week.

I know that I hope those in Melb this weekend have a fab time!

I know that my last post was a dud, by the lack of comments. Sorry about that.

I know that I feel guilty about my disorganisation regarding my husbands birthday tomorrow.

I know that I set the standards too high last year, and too low this year.

I know that Bliss would really like to be an Octonaut, and that Captain Barnacle is featuring perhaps too regularly in our play time these days!

I know that I am very excited that we might finally get Bliss’ cast off on Thurs. She has been so amazing these past 8 weeks and I am busting for it to be over for her.


I know that I need to come back to link up properly but that if I don’t post this now it won’t be posted.

Thoughts on “Things I Know…Kids and Family Edition

  1. A post isn’t a dud if it receives no comments! Maybe it means people find it so thoughtful that they are mulling it over…

  2. What a cute pic of Bear. Baby Holly is still loving his little toys! I’ve enjoyed some quality time with the girls too this week. Watching them having a giggling fit is just priceless.
    I wouldn’t be too concerned about a lack of comments for your previous post. I’ve noticed a bit of a decline over the last two days, which I’m putting down to people being too busy organising themselves for Blogoopolis! xx
    Kellie recently posted..SLEEP CHALLENGE: How to help baby sleep while teethingMy Profile

  3. Ah, what a little sweetie you have there!!

    What a great post. It is wonderful to have those extended periods of time when things are good . . . when being with your kids is just right.

    Yippee for Bliss getting her cast off.

  4. Octonauts are fantastic – we love them in our house. My son loves being Dashi, I’m Tweak and my husband is Captain. My daughter just gets her own name because she didn’t want to be Shellington – she loves Dashi too.
    Libby recently posted..Sesame Beef Stir-fryMy Profile

    • Oh yes, we have to play all the characters too though sometimes it all moves too fast and I get confused and then get in trouble!! I really love the show actually, it’s so different from the others and even I learn things from it!

  5. Bear is standing up!! Wow he is growing up so fast. Can’t believe any of your posts are duds Ms Louisa – not possible. I think it’s a conference thing. I noticed the same thing happened before/after ABC. The blogosphere goes very quiet for a week or so. My blog has been pretty quiet for the past 2 days too. The meet ups were great. So much fabulous information – but I missed you being there. #nexttimeplease :)
    Caz recently posted..The pre-blogopolis weekend ‘to-do-list’My Profile

    • I know Caz, it’s crazy! He’s even stood unaided a couple of times which I can’t quite believe. Where has the time gone?? He’s only going to be 10months on Sunday!

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