Louisa Claire

It Doesn’t Take Much

I joked to HH recently that it doesn’t take much to make me a happy girl – just 4 days off work and $400! I think his reply was something along the lines of me as ‘low maintenance’. A hint of sarcasm perhaps?

Anyway, the last two weekends have been 4 day weekends for us! making up for all the overtime the HH has been doing at work recently. We went down the coast for long weekend no. 1 and then to Sydney for long weekend no. 2. (that’s where the $400 came in) FANTASTIC!

Thoughts on “It Doesn’t Take Much

  1. Good points…I would note that as someone who really doesn’t write on blogs much (in fact, this may be my first post), I don’t think the term “lurker” is very becoming to a non-posting reader. It’s not your fault really , but perhaps the blogosphere could come up with a better, non-creepy name for the 90% of us that enjoy reading the posts.

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry for taking a while to respond to you, I haven't been checking this blog much of late. Not sure what your comment is referring to but blog-writer or blog-reader, welcome!


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