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I May Be Delirious In This One: A(nother) Vlog

Thoughts on “I May Be Delirious In This One: A(nother) Vlog

  1. Yea!

    Ok, I was completely thinking the same thing about your accent! It is much more pronounced in the videos than in real life. It reminded me of Aussie TV accents, which I always suspected were exaggerated on purpose – it must just be the video thing that does it!

    Weird. Same thing happens to me, but I have a strange accent – you don’t.

  2. Your baggy eyes made me laugh out loud. For real.

    Your accent isn’t that strong, at least, you sounded like that last weekend and I didn’t think it was terribly strong. Of course, one of the first things Kelley told me was that I had an accent, so I’m maybe a bit biased.

    Also! Your comment form is being weird and not letting me fix things by clicking to move the cursor? And I can’t right click, which is a total pain, because I right click and open everything in a new tab. What are you doing with the settings here?!

    Annnnd comments, I like commenting back in my own comments, because it extends the conversation. I used to email everyone back, but it was taking up too much time and some people were asking questions and other people were wanting to see them answered (damn lurkers) so that’s what I do.

    If I get a comment that I really want to respond privately too, I email back as well.
    Veronica recently posted..Not having funMy Profile

  3. Um yes, delirious. Hehe.

    I like comments replied to within the thread, and only really if something needs to be added. If someone comments on something of mine and it’s quite personal or deep I will email them back.

    Like Veronica I find the disabled right click really annoying – if I make a spelling mistake the only way to go back and fix it is by backspace deleting and having to type it all out again. I normally make heaps of mistakes while Tricky is pulling at my leg :P I know why you disable it though, but I think if someone really wants to steal your image/text that will just do a screen capture.

    I hate the sound of my own voice played back to me!
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  4. hehehe – you are so funny. Bags and eyes just seem to go together when you’re the mummy! With the comments – to be totally honest I’m not keen on email replies. They are time delayed and often confuse my poor brain. I also only email reply if comments need a personal response. I like as much conversation in my comments as possible. Loving the Vlogs :O)
    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted..The Great Bloggy Dilemma Exposed!My Profile

  5. Keep up with the Vlogs Lou :-) Love love love seeing them :-)

    and yep, i love when you respond to a comment when it needs it. 2 way feedback is great. but that could be just cos i miss you!

  6. oh, and yes, i think yo0u were slightly delirious! lol as are most mummys :-)

    And re the bags – no idea, but watching many many chick flicks tell me cucumber on the eyes is good for that! lol

  7. You have a lovely accent. You sound like Justine Clarke (Play School). I don’t normally go for Vlogs, but now that I’ve hit play, I’m glad I did. You are so much more 3D now. It’s like a phone call with a girlfriend, only I can see you.
    Comments in the comments are good, although I don’t always come back to see if there’s a reply. Only if I feel like it’s an important topic – like PND, or something that I am passionate about.
    I agree about the emails – only if the conversation gets too personal would I expect an email response. Otherwise I get all confused about the time lag as pointed out by Caz (above).
    Cheers. GET MORE SLEEP!! :)
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