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I am now a real parent!

Before Little Precious arrived I was told, in jest, that you weren’t a real parent until your child had vomited in your mouth.

I am proud (?) to say that I have now joined the ranks of real parent! She got me in the mouth…hair, down my top and all over my face last night. Oh, and she got herself too!

We would have taken a photo but were laughing too hard! Laughing because I should have known better – she missed the Happy Husband’s mouth by only a couple of centimetres in the morning when he was doing exactly the same thing…tossing her around in the air not long after a feed.

She’s never been much of a chucker…up until now, so we hadn’t previously been caught out with this behaviour. Let’s just say that after yesterday I have much greater appreciation of mothers of babies with reflux who are constantly changing their babies clothes – LP went through 3 outfits yesterday due to spew.

Apart from being a very funny (and somewhat smelly), it was also a helpful experience for two reasons.

1. It happened just after I was feeling like the unfun parent. I wrote (but have yet to post) some more about playing with children yesterday and afterwards had an ‘ahhhh’ moment. No wonder I don’t know/feel confident that I can play with LP, I never really knew how to play when I was a child myself! This brought back all my fears about having a little girl…that she would be just like me when I was a kid. This would not be a good thing! Throwing LP around in the air amidst a lot of laughter and then being vomited on eased some of my concerns!

2. I overcame my fear of showering with her (the fear being that I would drop her and she would crack her head open on the porcelain…I know, ridiculous!) Given that we were both covered in spew it was the best way to get cleaned, and you know what…it was even a bit of fun! Not that I will be in a hurry to repeat it, I am more than happy for the bathing/showering to remain the HH’s domain!

All in all, it was another new experience and I as my head landed on my pillow last night I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Thoughts on “I am now a real parent!

  1. Now all you need is to be wee’d and pooped on and you are a fully fledged parent…ha ha.
    I had this image in my mind of her pucking over you and nearly fell off the couch i was laughing so much. Iain thought i was mad….

    P.S i have become addicted to your blogs and look forward to reading one each morning.

  2. thanks hun! I “passed” the wee test a few weeks ago but am more than happy to skip on the poop test! I have a very funny ‘pooped on’ story with a friend’s kid and I think that’ll do me…as if I will be so lucky!

    Next time she pukes on me I am going to try and take a picture…when Mark saw it he laughed so hard he almost fell over!

    Hope you guys had a great weekend in London!

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