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How To Find Balance (Part 2)

Since I started thinking about my time in terms of priorities some strange things have happened. Aside from enjoying life a lot more and feeling less guilty about everything I “should” be doing, I’m actually getting more done.


Or not?

I think it’s because I’m doing the things that really matter, and those also happen to be things that I enjoy – quality time with the kids, catching up with friends, working on things that challenge and excite me and *gasp* a little less time on social media.

I don’t know if you read Nathalie’s post about balance, but she talks about passion. You don’t do everything, you do the things you are passionate about.

So, are you doing the things you are passionate about? If not, why not? Is there something you could change that would let you bring a bit of passion into your day?

Here are some questions I have been asking to work through this in my own life:

– What can I outsource? We can’t always afford to do this, but where you can it’s OK not to do everything yourself. It doesn’t make you lazy, indulgent or spoilt. It means you are prioritising the relationships and tasks in your life,and using the resources available to you to do this. For Mums who work 3-5 days a week this could be a really good option.

– How can I be a good friend and grow good friendships by catching up with people more etc? How important is it to me, that I do this? The answer to this is that it’s very important to me, and to do more of this means doing less of something else. I can’t just add it to my life, I have to reassess the priorities and make a change to how I am currently spending my time.

– What does it look like for me to be a good Mum; happy with my parenting & confident that I am giving my children the emotional and practical attention and care that will help them flourish? Obviously there are some embedded priorities for me as a parent that come through in that question, your priorities may be different. It doesn’t really matter what they are, just that you work it out so that you can put your time and energy into those things.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Thoughts on “How To Find Balance (Part 2)

  1. Love that you’re cutting back on social media.

    I work 3 days per week, and made a personal rule that on my days off the computer is OFF. I have unlimited access at work, so in between rounds of data entry I craft my blog posts, hang out on Twitter, check FB, and read other blogs.

    I don’t want my kids to remember Mom as some half-involved, spaced out parent glued to her laptop and muttering, “Just give me another minute, hon, and I’ll play with you.” And? AND? Other mom bloggers joke about that same situation going on in their homes and write posts about how it’s good for their kids to learn to play independently!!! GAH!

    I didn’t quit full-time work to hang out on Twitter or take funny instagrams–I stayed home to *be with my children*.

    Totally off subject from where you were going. Sorry!
    Jaci recently posted..The Butt Scooting ProblemMy Profile

  2. I really hear you about cutting back on social media! I have this dreadful habit of just sitting at my laptop with Facebook, Google+, and WordPress open, just waiting for something new to happen, waiting for something to comment on, waiting for somebody to interact with… And in the meantime my daughter is… well, she’s learning to play independently, but she’s also learning that mummy prefers to sit at the computer instead of being the voice of a leopard for her!
    Stace recently posted..The things we do…My Profile

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