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How great is this photo?!?!

I just had a look at my brother’s new blog and came across some great photos he took when he came to Melbourne with Jill & Rich in January. I’d send you to the blog but there’s an ugly photo of me there and my vanity is winning out in this situation.

Anyway, this is an AWESOME photo (I think!) of my sister and Rich in our backyard.

Here’s hoping Tomo will take loads of photos of baby R when he/she arrives!!!

Thoughts on “How great is this photo?!?!

  1. Wow Lou, your brother certainly knows how to take a nice photo, I just went onto his blog and had a look at all his others, they’re great! PS – did you forget that you have a link to his blog on the right of your page? Or were you just hoping we wouldn’t notice? xoxo

  2. thanks for pointing that out Glenda! I was hoping people wouldn’t notice or that if they did they wouldn’t follow it through!!! ugly photo of me indeed!! but the others are quite good.

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