Louisa Claire

Grateful For A Saturday Night Date

Dinner at The Commoner

Yum, yum, yum!


Belle & Sebastian live at The Forum

Drinks at Mr Wilkinson

mr wilkinson

SIL Babysitting & staying the night so we didn’t have to rush home.

Kids sleeping until 8am.

Yes, feeling extremely grateful this Sunday morning.


Thoughts on “Grateful For A Saturday Night Date

  1. So fab! What a great night out you must have had. Just like old times, I’ll bet. We love it when we get to remember ‘life before babies’, if just for one night only. To be honest, I always think the next morning ‘how did we used to do this all the time’!?!? x

    • That’s exactly right! It was just like “life before babies” only we reflected we didn’t really do it as much in life before babies because we had no money then & now that we have a little bit more money we have babies. *sigh* there will come a time…!

  2. Wow! Am insanely jealous … I love B & S and judging by the exterior signs of said dining and drink establishments I think I would love them too. Glad to hear you had a great night.

    • Thanks Belinda, it was an amazing night and has spurred us on to try to plan a whole night away very soon – the mere prospect is just so exciting!

  3. Sounds great! It’s wonderful to have a few places to go when you do manage to get out, seeing good music caps off a nice meal out – we did something similar for my birthday and it really was great! Sleeping in, what considerate children!

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