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Going to church in Sydney

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Churches in Sydney can get a bit of a tough rap. esp Anglican churches in Sydney.

For those not in the church scene, or not from Australia you may be interested to know that the Anglican Diocese of Sydney is one of the most theologically conservative dioceses in the world. There’s a bit of a joke that the Anglican Church in Sydney worships “Father, Son and Holy Scripture” rather than “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. Certainly there is a distinct tone in Sydney Anglican Churches.

Anyway, I digress….

This morning we went to church with some friends and it was fantastic! Aside from the fact that it was the first time all year that the HH and I have sat together in church for the whole service uninterrupted (wohooo!) – the sermon, worship and prayer were all really encouraging. The HH was personally prayed for 4 times during the service! The church was Northbridge Community Church in Thornleigh. Worth a visit!

If you are in Sydney and looking for a church, or just somewhere to visit some other churches we have personally visited and found encouraging are:

Thornleigh Community Baptist Church

St Philip’s Anglican Church North Turramurra We visited this church on Christmas morning and it was a very family friendly, fun and faithful service.

St Matt’s Anglican Church West Pennant Hills

We were reminded of the following verse this morning and I’d like to encourage you with it too…

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you
James 4:8

One thought on “Going to church in Sydney

  1. hi Lou,
    Praying for you guys at the moment, hope this time with your family is special and treasured. Just also wanted to say thankyou for that passage about drawing near to God. it really hit home. We are having a difficult week and I ahve to say with everything thats happened in the last year I ahve never felt further away from God than I do now, so that passage was really encouraging. Thankyou. As always, without knowing it, you find a way to uplift me :-)
    Love Em.

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