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Friends for Dinner

Last night we decided to change ‘date night’ a bit and invite our lovely friends Jan & Peter, and Louise & Aron over for dinner!

I made a variety of Indian dishes. Below are three of them: back left is Spicy Eggplant, back right is Chicken Kashmiri and front left is Pork Tikka. I also made a great carrot & pea dish (doesn’t sound good, but it’s fantastic!) and a spiced roast lamb (which we didn’t get too as we had too much food!)

Check out that stove! It is such a nightmare to work with!

I’m a bit of a fan of having fresh flowers when having people over so bought these at the local market…

…my lovely husband is also a fan of having fresh flowers when having people over…and I think he might love me too and so came home with these…

which have found a home in our bedroom. Great minds think alike because that was where I was going to suggest he put them but he’d already done it before I got a chance! So lovely!

We had a great night, and it was a good excuse to clean the house too!

I’m going to go and enjoy the clean and tidy living room & do my college reading now. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Friday!!

One thought on “Friends for Dinner

  1. Hey Lou,
    Enjoyed looking at your blogs (haven’t visited since January).
    Hang in there with the house hunting! We settle on Friday so have been busy packing, paint shopping, talking to banks and mortgage brokers and solicitors (Paula) and real estate agents. It’s all very scary and we feel very poor but hopeful it will all be worth it. And cheer up, although we were house hunting via the internet for months we were only seriously looking at places for about four weeks and this was the first place we made an offer on.
    Will try and ‘visit’ your page more often – I am a very slack friend.

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