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When I finished school I really wanted to go overseas – take some time off, explore the world and have a break. My parents were not so keen on this idea. Thus it was I found myself rocking up to Sydney Uni to study a bachelor of bugger all (B.Arts) and flunk out fairly spectacularly! Having failed 3 out of 8 subjects in my first year things slowly picked up until low and behold I found myself actually wanting to keep studying and moving to Melbourne to do so.

I finished my honours year at Monash Uni and a little while later started another degree, this time a theological one at Ridley College in Parkville. Since the move to Melbourne I have spent most of my times straddling two worlds. I’ve worked multiple jobs and studied, I’ve worked and studied, I’ve studied on campus and I’ve studied by distance, I’ve mothered, worked and studied and now I am just mothering and working – it’s enough…for now.

I can see myself heading back for more study…I almost did it this year but as it’s happened I’ve taken quite a different path. Whenever I do go back I know I will be looking for a course that understands the demands of family and working life, a course that designed to work within those constraints and not against them. A course a bit like this one…

If you are thinking of studying Newcastle Uni has open days this week for their “Designed For Life” courses…

Newcastle Postgrad Study Expo
Thursday November 3rd – 4-7pm
Harbourview Function Centre
Queenswharf, Wharf Road, Newcastle

Sydney Postgrad Study Expo
Thursday November 10th – 4-7pm
The University of Newcastle
Corner of Sussex & Bathurst Street, Sydney


Have you ever studied and worked/mothered, or considered it? What made you do it…or held you back?
If you could study one thing, what would it be?


This is not a sponsored post however I was asked to promote this course via my consulting business, Brand Meets Blog and I chose to write about it on my blog as well as it’s something I am very familiar with and think sounds like a great option for post-grad study.

Thoughts on “Did you know…

    • Totally agree about travel! We took Bliss to Vietnam for 3 weeks when she was 18months old. BEST TRIP! We are taking the two kids, Bliss will be a few months shy of 4 and Bear just turned 1, to Bali and KL for 3 weeks in Jan. It’s totally different to travelling without kids, but such a brilliant thing to do!

  1. My plan when I had my daughter was to go back to uni and have a complete career change. 2 years later and another bub on the way…and I still can’t figure out what career I want! Whatever I finally choose, the study has to be flexible or it won’t work for our family. Thanks for the info, it’s given me something to think about…

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