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Battle Of The Baby Butt: Part 1

This morning I had my first PT session. I wore my new sneakers and didn’t get any blisters.

Not a bad start. As long as the end result isn’t this, I’ll be a happy girl.

I’m thinking I’m safe for a while yet…

I finished the session on the mat, stretching with Bliss to my right, also stretching and Bear to my left, laughing.

Zoe, my PT, is a very lovely and accommodating woman!

I’m going back Thursday for more…hopefully by then I’ll be able to walk without feeling like my jelly legs are going to collapse under me.

The highlight of the morning was at the end of the session when Bliss reached into my bag and pulled out by box of Moxie’s, opened them and showed the male PT saying “These are my Mummies. They are special for her.”

Oh yeah, being a Mum is all shades of awesome! ;)




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Thoughts on “Battle Of The Baby Butt: Part 1

  1. I LOVE your “special” things ;)
    I had the Kotex U special things (they are all wrapped in different bright colours), and my little Miss pulled them out on Christmas Day and announces to everyone that mummy has her party tampons!!!
    Good luck with your butt battle – I fell off the wagon!!!
    Missy Boo recently posted..Did You Miss MeMy Profile

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