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Baby Whites

I love baby whites!!!

Last week I washed the baby whites I will need for the hospital. I am saving most of my baby washing for when mum comes to visit as she is very excited about doing this with me (and I with her) but I needed to ‘pack my bag’ so got to do a little bit of washing in advance. It was lots of fun washing these little jumpsuits and singlets and imagining the little baby who will soon be wearing them!

A quick update too – we are VERY thankful as baby R has turned and is now ‘head down, bum up’. Thanks for your prayers!

While I am here, here’s a photo of the Happy Husband at work on the cradle stand. I think I may have previously mentioned that Mum & Dad kept the cradle that my sister, brother and I all slept in when we were born. Very special! The stand has needed a bit of an update though, 27 years down the track (!) so HH has been hard at work designing and making one. Here he is sanding off one end. This has now been painted to match the cradle and he’ll finish the other end this weekend. Can’t wait to put our little baby to sleep in this special cradle!

Thoughts on “Baby Whites

  1. I think that is the cutest picture I have ever seen (the baby whites that is, don’t get the wrong idea about me and Mark).
    Lou you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers at the moment. Knowing that all will go well and can’t wait to meet/see pictures of your little one.
    Read that you have to move at the end of June. What’s the go with that? Where are you moving to?

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