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Addicted to…facebook

I’m sorry folks. I’ve become addicted to facebook!! It’s been open on my computer constantly for the past week or so and it’s been distracting me from my blog. My apologies faithful blog readers…

(btw if you are on facebook look me up so we can be friends!)

So…what’s been happening everyone?

The Happy Husband and I have been househunting heaps recently…still trying to find our dream home! It’s made date nights fun though as each Thursday we have gone to a different suburb for dinner to ‘try it out’. 2 weeks ago we had dinner in Northcote and then spent Saturday there checking it out. Nice suburb! Last night we had dinner in Brunswick and will be spending this Sat there. We do like Brunswick!! If we move there I will have gone full circle in my time in Melbourne as Brunswick was where I lived when I first moved here in 2002. Any suggestions friends? At the moment our ‘suburb options’ include:

Brunswick + Brunswick East
Fitzroy North (we’re dreaming!)
Clifton Hill (see above)
Moonee Ponds

Too many possibilities!!!! it’s both exciting and way too broad!

However we did get a break from the house search last weekend as we went away with the fabulous Sunday Club leaders from our church. We all headed to the Happy Husband’s parents place down the coast and had a brilliant weekend! Lots of hanging out, it’s such a peaceful place, reading and going for walks. We also didn’t stop eating for the ENTIRE weekend (yikes!). As well as all the relaxing we did some great team building sessions largely looking at the Belbin personality profile and Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. It was so helpful and I am really excited about how we are going to be able to use what we learnt to be a stronger and more effective team!

Well until I have something more interesting to share with you I will say adieu.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Think of us Sat as we are driving round from place to place and if you are in the area give me a call, we’ll definitely be keen for a coffee place esp as there seem to be so many new trendy options that have popped up in Brunswick since I lived there.

p.s. who works at KPMG Peat Marwick, Kew Bridge, Slough, United Kingdom??

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