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A Great Big Thank You!

As I write this I feel a sense of complete disbelief that in a mere 72hours a group of people who had never met before managed to pull together hundreds of gifts for hundreds of children in need.

I’ve just had the call from Joan to say the boxes are in her car. Her gratitude at what we have all done humbles me.

When I finally escaped from my house this afternoon to do some errands I was met with aggressive drivers and rude people who reminded me a lot about what Christmas is like “out there” and I couldn’t help but think “why can’t people IRL be as kind as generous as people online?” Because what we’ve done this week is the sort of thing you think could never happen.

I’m so encouraged that our little Aussie community of bloggers and friends has pulled together in this way.

And so, I want to acknowledge all of you who made this possible!

Please stand up when your name is called,

Individual Supporters

Veronica Foale, Sleepless Nights
Kim Foale, Frogpondsrock
Glowless, Where’s My Glow?
Su Chin, Mott’s Island
Leisl Rampono
Heather Lipscombe
Kirrily Whatman, ERW Design
David Lee, Nuffnang
Deb, Science @ home
Melanie Kansil,  Customer Underground
Carolyn Filmer, The Truth About Mummy
Naomi Parry
Brenda Gaddi, Mummy-time
Marita Beard, Stuff With Thing
Kate Pickle, Picklebums
Rebecca Ballingall, PND – We Do Recover
Susan Stephenson, The Book Chook
Kelly Burstow, Be A Fun Mum
Bernadette Morely
Jodie McGill
Lani Miller
Kristin Brumm, Wanderlust
Naomi Murnain
Raelene Malloy
Nikki Parkinson
Lucy Pearce
Yvette Vignando,  Happychild
Tracy Williams
Alison Unwin
Tim Pyke
SueEllen Hughes, Transforme – Total Image Consultants
Howard Raggatt
Jo Hood, mainly music
Elizabeth Browne
Linda McIver
Tony Cosentino, The WordPress Guy
Fi, Calm Blue Ocean
Norlin Mustapha, Baubles, bubbles and bags
Jonathon McManus
Anne Bright
Kathleen Crone & Michael Johnston, Broadcast Builder
Rachael Rauch
Anna Giameos
Claire Chapman
Rebecca Leask
Kathryn George
Annette Fraser
Ian McDougall
Amanda Meade
Nicole Avery, Planning With Kids
Ann Patterson, Likes to Write
Tat, Mum in search
Lisa Fox
Seana Smith, Sydney for Under 5s
Rhiannon Walker
Nicholas Best, Happily Ever After?
Clare Collett
Lori Embelton
Kristin Whitingham
Anne, Forks in the Road
Linda Jackson
Sarah Wimpress
Sandra Gleeson
Melissa C
Melissa Irving
Lisa Tait

Tiger Tribe
Fairground Child
Virgin Blue
Just Like Us
Tree Top Toy Shop
A-R-M Architects

If your name is missing from this list, or listed here incorrectly or without a corresponding link please let me know louisa@everythingisedible.com so I can make the necessary changes.

Thoughts on “A Great Big Thank You!

  1. Ditto to all the comments above!

    Just had a little happy cry while catching up on how everything went – what a truly fabulous project.

    Well done everyone!

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