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8 months old

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She’s 8 months old! This best sums her up…

Earlier today I was in the kitchen while LP was playing in the living room. One minute all was quiet and the next I hear noise. Was it someone talking?

No, it was this…

My little girl had crawled her way onto her Dad’s mat, found the remote and turned on the TV which she found quite interesting!!

Here’s my gorgeous girl a bit later on, when she was bored of the TV!!!

Classic. This is life with my 8month old :P

Thoughts on “8 months old

  1. What a cutie. My little girl is almost 2 1/2 it keeps getting better and better. My wife is due in March with our second child. 09 is going to be a great year.

  2. Thanks everyone! I certainly think she’s pretty cute :)

    On a bit of ‘blog leave’ at the moment but hope you all had great Christmas’ and I will be around to visit you all next week :)

    Happy New Year!!

  3. I am over from Blog around the world and I just had to comment on how gorgeous your baby is! I would pay a lot of $ for that hair color!

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