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52 Ways To Live Your Best Life

1. Speak the truth. Always.

2. Wear nice underwear.

3. Be kind.

4. Wear lipstick.

5. Smile.

6. Accept that things change, people change and friendships change. It’s not you, it’s just time.

7. Spend time with people who love you and believe in you.

8. Look for the best in people.

9. Say yes more often than you say no.

10. Don’t do drugs.

11. Don’t drink too much.

12. Travel. Even if you only ever go as far as the next suburb, take the time to meet people who are different to you and you see the world differently.

13. Seek God.

14. Clean out your wardrobe – get rid of the clothes that don’t fit you, that you never wear, that you make you feel frumpy/uncomfortable, that provide you with an excuse to feel down about yourself.

15. Give yourself time to re-fill your wardrobe – it doesn’t have to happen overnight.

16. Exercise

17. Spend time with your friends.

18. Watch less television.

19. Get up before anyone else in the house and enjoy the dawn rising, the quiet and the chance to start the day on your own terms.

20. Take the stairs.

21. Laugh often.

22. Be generous.

23. Support a charity.

24. Take regular holidays – they don’t have to be fancy, they just have to be a real chance to connect with your family or friends.

25. Leave your smart phone at home.

26. Get enough sleep.

27. Seek joy.

28. Speaking kindly.

29. Ask yourself regularly “how am I making a difference to my community/world/family”.

30. Sponsor a child.

31. Sing.

32. Don’t let misunderstandings undo years of friendship.

33. Don’t believe the Hollywood picture of love. Love is passion and beauty and fun, but it’s so much more than a feeling – it’s a choice, a commitment to keep choosing, to listen, to connect, to stay in touch with each other.

34. Grief isn’t fleeting, learn to accept the grief you carry and hold it as an important part of you, but don’t let it define you.

35. Look for ways to learn – read books, blogs, magazines. Listen to the radio, news, podcast. Soak up knowledge.

36. Don’t be arrogant. You are not always right.

37. Be willing to let it go, even if you know you are right. Sometimes, often even, being in relationship is more important than being right and having no relationship.

38. Hug your family. Often.

39. See the best in people, look for things to celebrate not pull down.

40. Celebrate other people’s success, even when it stings.

41. Always assume the best, not worst about another person or situation.

42. Stop reading women’s magazines.

43. Forgive yourself your mistakes.

44. Stop lying to yourself, you don’t do yourself or anyone else any favours.

45. Let go of the plans you have for how your life is “supposed to be” – life is just way too interesting for that.

46. Listen to your children, really listen to them. Be the parent that makes their child believe they have something of value to offer the world.

47. Save.

48. Don’t be afraid to spend some money – invest in yourself, your family, your future.

49. Pray.

50. Don’t compare yourself to someone else – we all have our insecurities, yours may be different from theirs, but they have them too.

51. Wear proper shoes – your feet will thank you as you get older.
52. Own your mistakes. Apologise.


Does this resonate with you? How do you live your best life?  

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